Makers of Color

By diversifying your product mix, you speak to every last customer in the shop! 1. Grocery List Notepad. June Paper Market. Faire. 2. Wi... READ MORE »

Desk Game Strong

Elevate the workspace — aka “the stationery room” — with these exquisite details. 1. The Handheld Collection is of recycled glass alumi... READ MORE »


The Sixth Sense

This April 17 and 18, the can't-miss spring stationary event put on by the Greeting Card Association will come to vibrant life in its sixth iteration ... READ MORE »

From the Editor: There’s a Card for That

[caption id="attachment_27865" align="alignright" width="253"] Photo courtesy of Sarah Sloboda.[/caption] Frankly, I’m not sure how it’s spring... READ MORE »

Hand-illustrated coastal artistry is at the playful heart of the ever-expanding Sara Fitz brand. All photographs courtesy of Sara Fitz Studio except where noted.

The Art of It All: A Maine maker builds her brand on her own terms

In the gift and stationery space, the 21st century is all about redefining once-established roles. These days, retailers commonly release branded merc... READ MORE »

Sarah Schwartz at *Noted+Gifted

FOMO No More: A *Noted+Gifted 2024 Recap

While I don’t believe there is an actual limit to the design trends discerned at *Noted+Gifted in San Francisco, I certainly had a ton of fun trying... READ MORE »

Hawaii Fine Stationers

The Urge to Splurge: When luxury spending slides, details and experiences assume center stage

The personal luxury market's wild ride, rising almost 30% between 2019 and 2023, is apparently over. Bain and Company reported that while its $301 bil... READ MORE »

The GCA Desk: The USPS is on the road to failure

Will Congress and the Postal Regulatory Commission take control before it’s too late? For the last three years, Postmaster General Loui... READ MORE »

Spring Forward: 2024 picks for Mother’s Day, Graduation & Father’s Day

Once the new season arrives, do your part to fill it with bright, upbeat selections. Here are some fresh finds for Mother's Day, graduation and Fat... READ MORE »

My Paper Cut Forest

NY NOW: The Show of the Century!

What a treat to have experienced the centennial of NY NOW! Inspiring, intriguing design lined the aisles for the 100th time, literally. In the finest ... READ MORE »

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