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June 3, 2019 •
What’s in the Cards: High Water Marks

Greeting Cards that will Capture the Summer Season

Be it the ocean, the lake or the river, the waterfront is an evergreen hot-weather theme with these greeting card finds.

For more information on any of the products showcased here, please visit our Reader Services Card online and use the Circle number to request additional information.

Rock Scissor Paper. Circle 205.

Lacelit. Circle 206.

Waterknot. Circle 207.

Elum Designs. Circle 208.

Cobenali Creations. Circle 209.

Modern Printed Matter. Circle 210.

Evergreen Summer. Circle 211.

Shannon Martin Design through Biely & Shoaf. Circle 212.

Shades of Expression. Circle 213.

Joo Joo Paper. Circle 214.

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