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May 7, 2024 • Sarah Schwartz
From the Editor: There’s a Card for That

Photo courtesy of Sarah Sloboda
Photo courtesy of Sarah Sloboda.

Frankly, I’m not sure how it’s spring as I write this, since I’m still processing the Atlanta and New York winter markets. As the world continues to feel chaotic, our maker community has responded with heart … and irresistible merchandise.

The offerings I discovered across markets (and my inbox) are by turns artful, sustainable and, of course, functional — to say nothing of all the powerful, transformative messaging.

Part of any market’s magic is the people, and in Atlanta I had a memorable meal with the wonderful Jason Arbuckle of J. Falkner as well as Tory Wright and Poppy Tong, the magnificent mother-daughter team behind Halfpenny Postage and Paper E. Clips. Since Atlanta was experiencing a cold snap, all the ladies were in chic fur (actual and synthetic). Meanwhile, Jason, who shows at Daniel Richards, shared how he stepped back from the chaos of market to really marvel at the annual Atlanta winter pilgrimage.

Every year, motley teams of polished store owners and buyers brave the winter (and its resulting travel mayhem) to witness all that is new at AmericasMart … and then transport it to their expectant customers as only they can. A stranger to our world would never guess what enormous influence we as a community quietly and collectively yield over what the populace seeks to surround itself with each day. That is the true lifeblood of each and every major market — Dallas, Las Vegas, or New York — and I’m so grateful that Jason helped me appreciate that.

Then, another longtime industry friend and member of the Stationery Trends Advisory Board, George White, did the same thing. He was promoted out of overseeing UWP Luxe, Up With Paper and GeoCentral to be CEO of their larger parent company, The CM Paula Co.

George recently appeared on the popular Freakonomics podcast — which explores “the hidden side of everything” — talking up greeting cards. I learned a lot listening in, and I encourage everyone reading this to share it with your community. I promise they’ll have a completely new stationery appreciation as they get acquainted with a preeminent paper nerd! George stars in “The Economics of Everyday Things with Zachary Crockett,” Episode 29; find it on freakonomics.com or your favorite podcast platform.

I can’t close out without sharing how excited I was to soon be in the stationery and gift room where it all happens, aka *Noted+Gifted. Read my recap here. 

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