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November 17, 2021 • Sarah Schwartz
A Win-Win Situation

Inklings Paperie

Now two greeting card competitions recognize stellar design and artistry.

This past Spring, the stationery community was gifted to have not just one, but two awards ceremonies with which to celebrate the artistry found within the humble greeting card. The 32nd edition of the LOUIE Awards honored 36 standout cards; these were evaluated by 27 judges in five regional hubs to ensure physical handling.

Meanwhile, 2021 also brought with it the second edition of the Noted @ *Noted Awards. Consisting of 10 categories, this competition literally came to life in 2020, just as coronavirus began crippling American life. While the awards presentations themselves have been completely virtual so far, all cards in the second round were physically handled by five judges scattered around the nation.

Although both competitions were spearheaded by the Greeting Card Association (GCA), they definitely differed in tone. The LOUIEs recognize traditional categories such as “thank you” and “get well,” while ten Noted @ *Noted Awards were presented in categories such as “best use of profanity” or “best color combo.”

There is so much stellar design between the two competitions — and the fact that we have two industry-wide competitions so embraced by our community speaks to the strength and passion of the greeting card community and medium. “The sheer number of entries to the LOUIEs and Noted at *Noted — in terms of designs and in the number of makers submitting them — is testament alone to the strength of our industry; the attention and respect paid to the finalists and winners by retailers of all sizes, as well as by fellow makers, well demonstrates the impact of these design competitions,” said immediate past GCA president, George White of Up With Paper. “I am proud of the GCA’s efforts to build both into the success they are.”

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, and be sure to visit greetingcard.org to see the winners and get involved in next year’s editions!

Inklings Paperie

Top to bottom: Inklings Paperie won LOUIE Card of the Year (Above $5) for its removable sticker card.

Inklings Paperie
LOUIE Card of the Year

And Inklings Paperie also won Best No Occasion/Just Because Card at the Noted @ *Noted Product Awards for its mask card.

Greeting Card from Inklings Paperie
Best No Occasion/Just Because Card

Noble Paperie

Noble Paperie was recognized for LOUIE Card of the Year (below $5) with this poignant release.

Greeting Card from Noble Paperie
LOUIE Card of the Year

Ali Flippin of E. Frances Paper and Leigh Standley of Curly GirlDesign through Calypso Cards

New this year for the LOUIEs were the Illustrator of the Year and Writer of the Year Awards — as well as two winners:

Ali Flippin of E. Frances Paper

E. Frances Paper
Illustrator of the Year and Writer of the Year Awards

Leigh Standley of Curly GirlDesign through Calypso Cards.


Calypso Cards
Illustrator of the Year and Writer of the Year Awards

Just My Type Letterpress

First-time entrant Just My Type Letterpress made a big LOUIE impression with just nine entries, garnering five coveted finalist spots and then taking honors in Everyday Boxed Set for its Hug Series, as well the new Trends & Events category, winning with this plantable design.

Just My Type Letterpress
Everyday Boxed Set
Just My Type Letterpress
Trends & Events


Seedlings also excelled in both competitions, garnering a LOUIE for Sympathy (above $5) as well as taking Noted @ *Noted Awards in Most Beautiful and Best Color Combo.

Most Beautiful
Best Color Combo

Girl w/Knife

Dynamo lifestyle brand Girl w/Knife cut a swath through both competitions, winning a LOUIE in the Friendship/Encouragement – Humorous for its eyebrow-raising design, plus took two Noted @ *Noted awards in Best Use of Profanity (for the second year running!) as well as Snarkiest Card.

Friendship/Encouragement – Humorous
Girl w/Knife
Best Use of Profanity
Snarkiest Card

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