Fresh Picks

Fresh Picks: Location, Location, Location

To find peace of mind, get out of your head and look outside yourself for inspiration. Witness, for example, this Harmony & Balance Bookmark from ... READ MORE »

Fresh Picks: Petite But Powerful

Paper’s potential is limited only by the imagination. Take Moth & Myth; its paper replicas of winged creatures are an eco-friendly, cruelty-free... READ MORE »

Smarty Pants Paper Co.

Fresh Picks: Risograph, Zodiac, Tarots & Talismans

Stationery has the power to elevate us as it connects us through time and space, and there lies its magic. We are reminded of this when a fresh medium... READ MORE »


Motif madness: Flowers, fruit, geometrics are trending

Flowers and fruit are indeed signs of warm weather, but they also make divine design elements in and of themselves. Best of all, they never wither in ... READ MORE »


Fresh Picks: A Full Palette

There’s great power in color. This deceptively simple tool can immediately and effortlessly evoke a mood, an emotion, a place, a time, even a memory... READ MORE »

Tiny and Snail.

Fresh Picks: Pearls of Wisdom

There’s great power in simple words. These are the cornerstone of stationery, to say nothing of the private messages inside. Their capability for co... READ MORE »

Creature Comforts

When the future feels hazy, many turn to the familiar. That can mean romanticizing our rugged pioneer roots, which explains the resurrection of the Wi... READ MORE »

Blooming Card offerings from Emily Rae Carlson

Natural Growth

Whereas simple delights were once regarded as simply boring, they have new resonance due to their universality and attainability. We may not agree on ... READ MORE »

Personalized Flat Note from The Illustrated Life

Growing Inspiration

Life these days can be quite a lot. To renew, reset and refresh, look no further than the natural world outside our windows. Butterflies and winged cr... READ MORE »

Notecards from Little Well Paper Co.

On the Rocks Fresh Picks

When times are uncertain, people look for comfort. Some find it through mysticism and other myriad methods of getting on the universe’s good side. C... READ MORE »

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