July 6, 2023 • Sarah Schwartz
Fresh Picks: Risograph, Zodiac, Tarots & Talismans

Smarty Pants Paper Co.

Stationery has the power to elevate us as it connects us through time and space, and there lies its magic. We are reminded of this when a fresh medium such as the risograph — described by one maker as what occurs when screen printing and mimeograph have a baby — blossoms in this vibrant Smarty Pants Paper Co. print, above. The power of paper also prevails when age-old practices and traditions are reworked for today’s audiences. Be it the zodiac, the tarot or other talismans, designs in this otherworldly vein transport us to new levels!

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Golden Gems
Golden Gems

Tarot and Talismans

Dahlia Press
Dahlia Press


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