August 8, 2019
Thinking of You Week inspires positive impact

Thinking Of You Week is an annual event, launched in 2014, that celebrates the “joy of sending and receiving hand-written notes and greeting cards.” It is all about connecting with others in a personal way to let them know they are important. This year, this program runs from Sept. 23-29, 2019.

Once again, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will assist in this outreach initiative. Last year, with the help of USPS, this program reached over 500 million residences throughout the country. The Washington-based Greeting Card Association brought Thinking of You Week to the United States in 2018, and its collaboration with USPS, helped it to reach over 500 million residences across the country.

Makers, retailers and consumers may participate in this event, and can provide inspiration to others around the globe. Thinking of You Week participants are encouraged to share information on social media platforms to educate others on this program. To simplify the information dissemination, Thinking of You Week provides assistance and ideas on social media posts.

The hashtag for this outreach is #thinkingofyouweek and all posts should be tagged @thinkingofyouweek. “Other great tags to help people find your posts are #snailmail #handwritten #cardtokeep #cardstories #handwrittenletters,” stated Thinking of You Week’s website.

What to Post

Thinking of You Week provides these post suggestions, along with other tidbits on its website:

  • Join the movement, send a card for @thinkingofyouweek !
  • Starting Sept. 23 send your bestie a card for #thinkingofyouweek. @thinkingofyouweek
  • Join @thinkingofyouweek to spread the love through cards #thinkingofyouweek
  • Give love, get love with #thinkingofyouweek!
  • Pick 5 friends and surprise them with cards @thinkingofyouweek
  • Send love to your peeps who need it most during #thinkingofyouweek
  • #thinkingofyouweek makes your heart bigger and your community tighter @thinkingofyouweek

To see examples of greeting cards you can send, read the article by Stationery Trends on Thinking of You Week.  It is not too late to become involved. For more information, visit

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