March 29, 2019
Seed embedded paper gives cards, invitations a second life

For all of the stationery, greeting card, nature and gardening enthusiasts, have you heard about planting seeds? Yes, we all know how to plant seeds in soil — in a flower pot or in the ground — but do you know how to plant one with a greeting card, an invitation, an envelope, or even a party favor box? Well it is really quite simple, especially with seed embedded paper.

Seed embedded paper is a biodegradable paper product that has plant seeds incorporated directly into the product. The wonderful thing about this type of product is that it allows seeds to sprout, while the paper itself decomposes into the soil. No need to put the no longer wanted material in a recycling bin or landfill.

Many green trends exist, but Stationery Trends wanted to learn more about merchandise available in this particular product mix, and we found a variety including envelopes, wedding invitations, note paper and greeting cards, all embedded with seeds. Green Field Paper Company and Botanical PaperWorks shared information about product options for both retailers and stationers — even event planners — to consider.

Green Field Paper Company

Green Field Paper Company is a wholesaler who only develops tree-free paper merchandise. Its products are created with either handmade or hemp paper, but are well-known for its seed embedded paper. Green Field manufactures its product lines here in the U.S. and its “products communicate environmental responsibility,” according to their website.

Green Field Paper Company seed embedded greeting cards. Photo courtesy of Green Field Paper Company.

“Seeded greeting cards and merchandise give retailers a ‘wow’ factor alternative to a standard greeting card, at nearly the same cost,” said Rick Smith, president for Green Field Paper Company. “The benefit is that the card can not only be recycled, but when planted it will compost naturally and sprout into wildflowers, herbs or vegetables.” Smith shared despite an overall industry decline in greeting card sales Green Field still sees steady sales and “there are a number of people that still like the handwritten, personalized notes.”

Green Field Paper Company offers vegetable and herb seed embedded greeting cards. Photo courtesy of Green Field Paper Company.

Green Field offers a counter-top display box and signage. “The cards are also packaged in a vegetable based, clear sleeve with an eco-friendly label indicating ‘Plant Me, seeds are in the paper,’” he said. This display and signage offering helps provide easy merchandising for retailers who wish to provide eco-friendly products to customers.

Green Field Paper Company offers a variety of seed embedded greeting cards suitable for any occasion. Photo courtesy of Green Field Paper Company.

In addition to greeting cards, Green Field offers an array of products: Hemp Heritage Paper, Handmade Specialty Paper, Wedding Collection, Holiday Collection, envelopes, wrapping paper, business cards. Each collection provides a multitude of items such as journals, sketchbooks, fine art paper, and more. For retailers interested in greeting cards and/or product displays, visit

Botanical PaperWorks

Botanical PaperWorks is a producer of eco-friendly seed paper products and when planted in soil will grow wildflowers, herbs or vegetables. Its mission “is to help spread beauty and reduce waste by sharing biodegradable seed paper made from post-consumer material.”

Botanical PaperWorks seed embedded products include a variety of herb seeds. Photo courtesy of Botanical PaperWorks.

“Plantable stationery is not only biodegradable and made from recycled post-consumer material, since it’s embedded with seeds, the paper actually gives back to the Earth,” said Kelly Caruk, design and marketing manager for Botanical Paperworks. “This not only helps build habitat for important pollinators, it also gives the recipient a chance to experience the product in a new way.”

Botanical PaperWorks seed embedded paper is available in several colors and is ideal for stationers to print on a green product. Photo courtesy of Botanical PaperWorks.

Best-sellers include invitations and business cards. “We’ve also been working with more and more greeting card designers,” said Caruk. Most paper products trend toward natural elements: natural in color, with unrefined edges. Trends aren’t just for the paper, as the seeds themselves are important and non-invasive seeds are important to Botanical PaperWorks so it began a Native Species Seed Program.

Botanical PaperWorks seed embedded products contain flower seeds. Photo courtesy of Botanical PaperWorks.

According to Caruk this paper also works well for watercolor artists and there are many options to choose from for stationers to find what they need for projects. For stationers interested in this paper product, visit

Botanical PaperWorks no longer sells merchandise directly to retailers, but it does collaborate with stationers and businesses who wish to print original designs. Additionally, Botanical PaperWorks products are often used by marketing and wedding professionals, promotional products distributors, and anyone else who is interested in seed paper as a party favor.

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