August 4, 2022
MarketTime releases new white paper on B2B sales

Digitally-Enabled B2B Sales & The Human Factor – How Salespeople Impact Buyers, Brands, and the Industries They Serve Dallas – August 3, 2022 –

MarketTime, a provider of B2B omnichannel commerce solutions and a provider of sales enablement tools in the gift, home and toy industries, announced the release of its highly anticipated white paper, Digitally-Enabled B2B Sales & The Human Factor – How Salespeople Impact Buyers, Brands, and the Industries They Serve, by Ari Lowenstein, executive vice president, corporate development for MarketTime.

Drawing upon an analysis of billions of dollars of annual sales data, hundreds of survey responses and interviews with retailers, sales managers, brands, agencies and consultants, Lowenstein seeks to answer the following question, “Do retailers and brands enjoy better outcomes when a salesperson is working directly with a buyer on behalf of a brand?”

“Salespeople, literally, open doors for brands, help them establish long lasting relationships and provide essential feedback to the brands they represent,” said Todd Litzman, President of MarketTime. “The cornerstone of our work is to understand what salespeople and brands need to succeed. With that understanding, we build tools for them to use every day that maximize their efforts and allow them to work more efficiently. This research shows that these efforts continue to be essential and valuable.”

Digitally-Enabled B2B Sales & The Human Factor continues MarketTime’s efforts to document the importance of the Human Factor. First begun by Brandwise in 2020, this campaign will continue throughout 2022 and into 2023 focusing on this area of study.

“While large, third-party digital marketplaces have generated significant activity across the industry during the pandemic-impacted economy, these marketplaces still account for less than 15% of wholesale commerce,” said Chris Happ, Chief Executive Officer of MarketTime. “Our research shows that salespeople are a critical part of the process. Their engagement leads to better outcomes for retailers and brands. We understand that every retailer is unique. Their town is unique, and their customers are unique. Salespeople are essential to understanding that and maximizing the value chain.”

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