March 11, 2021
Madison Park Greetings welcomes three emerging makers

Madison Park Greetings announced the addition of three new members to its portfolio of artists in 2021: Emma Schonenberg, Emiko Rainbow, and Kathy Cano-Murillo! These emerging makers join the brand’s current roster of talented creators including Ine Beerten, Cori Dantini, Rachel Schafer, Elizabeth Olwen, Kimberly Shrack, Morgan Georgie and Carrie Kiefer.

Each of the new Madison Park Greetings artists has their own identity and distinctive style.

Emma Schonenberg

Emma Schonenberg is a passionate surface designer who hails from El Salvador in Central America. She possesses a rare talent of being able to produce a wide range of desirable design styles, from novelty to textile.

Emiko Rainbow

Emiko Rainbow is a Minnesota artist and designer whose whimsical brand inspires people to celebrate their authenticity and diversity. Her colorful patterned art is influenced by her Scandinavian and Japanese ethnicity.

Kathy Cano-Murillo

Kathy Cano-Murillo is a Mexican-American author, speaker and founder of the award-winning design studio, Crafty Chica! She spreads the “gospel of glitter” with art that celebrates desert life, Latino style and being hyper creative.

Steven Gimbelman

Steven Gimbelman, president and CEO of Designer Greetings, which acquired Madison Park Greetings in 2019, said that the brand has a long history of featuring new artists. “In this release we are proud to showcase three talented women making their debut in greeting cards, each reflecting their diverse backgrounds and artistic view point”

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