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January 16, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Ten Designers to Watch in 2022: Dominique Schurman

Iconic unicorn card from NIQUEA.D

Dominique Schurman from NIQUEA.D is one of the Ten Designers to Watch in 2022. Read more about her in this Q&A.

Dominique Schurman
Dominique Schurman

Aesthetic of the Line?

NIQUEA.D is tasteful, classy and sophisticated. The aesthetic is modern, yet classic. We partner with artists from around the world, so the nuances of color and style reflect different worldly perspectives. Current Bestseller? This playful yet tactile Flamingo is wonderfully sophisticated, exotic and delightful.

Personal Favorite?

The Mosaic Peacock. The peacock’s elegance and beauty has always captured my imagination, especially when they share the glory of their feathers. Our peacock card features embossing, foils and glitters, and is reminiscent of a medieval mosaic, capturing a sense of history.

NIQUEA.D's peacock card
The Mosaic Peacock

Surprise Hit?

The simple and clean “You’re the MAN.” I’m happy to see that so many people feel like a man in their life fits the billing. Letterpressed on beautiful paper stock, it’s a modern classic!

You the Man Card from NIQUEA.D
You’re The Man

Iconic Selection?

The unicorn is part of our logo and closely identified with our brand. This stylized take features the layered laser technique.

Iconic unicorn card from NIQUEA.D
Favorite Color?

Blue has always been my favorite because it reminds me of nature — blue sky, blue water — and uplifts me. The NIQUEA.D blue is a richer, more elegant tone.

Current Design Obsession?

I am intrigued with special processes and printing styles that elevate our cards. Color is also calling to me. We’ve been living with neutrals for some time in home décor, so we are spicing everything up with color galore!

Favorite Flower?

Peonies perfectly combine elegance and beauty. The array of soft petals, coming together to create the wondrous, soft round shape of the flowers, is just incredible.


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