November 9, 2020 •
Stationery with Substance

Drink Art Prints from CharmCat Creative

Our 2020 design abecedary focuses on heart and soul

Among the many fatalities of COVID-19 are traditional shopping habits. But a revised balance is beginning to assert itself. That means that in stationery, invitations are off the table for now, but coronacards fill in the gap as they decrease emotional if not social distances. At the macro level, self-expression, self-care, customization to truly reflect oneself — these are all-important concepts to consumers right now, and fortunately, they are already familiar to most of us in this industry as well.

Stocking your shelves has become trickier than ever — that is, if your customers are able to access your shelves at all! So as you begin to buy and present your all-important fourth quarter offerings, seek that which tugs on the heartstrings, allows us to connect with others, or helps make our private spaces as well as those of those we love that much more positive. As you’ll see, these can be accomplished in many ways, starting with our “a” for alcohol!

Part 1: Letters A-M

Coronacard from Kwohtations


Part 2: Letters N-Z

Pop-up Card from UWP Luxe

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