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April 21, 2021 •
Positive Outlook: Growing sales of paper goods

{Sponsored} The greeting card and stationery industries saw a big boost during the COVID-19 pandemic, with many people returning to sending handwritten cards and notes to those they couldn’t visit in-person. 

Retailers have responded in kind by ensuring their card and stationery selections are diverse and engaging. Paper Skyscraper Gifts in Charlotte, North Carolina, carries at least 50 card lines at any given time. “No one brand dominates,” said Bill Goodwin, owner of Paper Skyscraper Gifts. Some of the more popular styles include stationery that mimics fine art, often with watercolor designs, snarky cards, sweet sentiments and flashy designs. 

Paper Goat Post in Orlando, Florida, also has seen an increase in sales of cards and stationery over the last year. Cedar and Megan Watson co-own the store. The shop is a combination paper and party store, with a large selection of cards and

Friendship from Karen Adams Designs

stationery, plus a balloon bar, party room and gifts. For 2020 and 2021, the trends the Watsons are seeing include “traditional elements” such as wax seals, high quality paper, writing sets and cards. 

Design elements that are popular right now include outdoorsy icons such as gardens, mushrooms, fairies and gnomes. Beyond cards, their customers have gravitated more towards gift items that enhance home life, with so many people staying home much more than usual. 


Goodwin has attended Atlanta Market at AmericasMart three times since he purchased the shop a few years ago. He spends time with catalogs and building orders before the show, focusing on new products rather than reorders. His store is 15% cards and stationery, 15% books and the remainder is gift products. 

Rifle-Paper-Co-floral journal and highlighters
Rifle Paper Co

In his search for the latest and greatest card designers, Goodwin spends about a quarter of his time at Atlanta Market in the Temporaries. “Temps take a full day. You want to look at everything, give it all a fair shot and see what you haven’t seen before,” Goodwin said. 

The Watsons previously did not make appointments at all, but this year they were glad they did. It meant that there was less time for browsing, but it was important that they were able to see items from the larger showrooms and brands they prefer. 


Some of Goodwin’s favorite paper designers at Atlanta Market include Cavallini, Karen Adams and Rifle Paper. The goal of attending in January was to pick up a few new lines of cards and stationery, and Goodwin was able to pick up five new card brands and one new stationery brand while at Atlanta Market this January. 

Cavallini-Vintage Tote
Cavallini-Vintage Tote

The Watsons are partial to the Daniel Richards showroom, since so many favorite brands are represented there. Their favorite brands in Daniel Richards include Dear Hancock, Smitten on Paper and Noi Publishing. “For a larger showroom to have so much paper is pretty unique,” Cedar Watson said. 

Beyond their favorite showrooms, the Watsons love checking out the Temporaries, and the selection there is one of the big reasons why they go to Atlanta Market. It’s there that they can find smaller brands with unique designs. 


Goodwin prefers to get his hands on the products, rather than on the catalogs alone. “A lot of things you can look at on pdf or catalog, but you never get a good sense for what it really looks like or its quality,” Goodwin said. “It’s important to go and see and touch products,” he continued. 

The Watsons love the convenience of the location, since it’s so easy to travel to. They also prefer in-person shopping to working with reps and catalogs. “You don’t get the same energy that you get by being there. It is definitely a time that sparks inspiration. We love meeting with other stores across the country, running into store idols we see on Instagram and connecting in person. You can’t replace that connection, with brands, products, other shops,” Cedar Watson said. 

July Atlanta Market will be here before you know it. To learn more and register to attend, visit atlantamarket.com. 

July Atlanta Market 

Showrooms: July 13 – 19, 2021 

Temporaries: July 14 – 18, 2021 

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