July 16, 2019 •
Pictura’s Newest Collection

Hell Yes greeting card from Pictura's newest collection, From Me to You and Back Again

From Me to You and Back Again gives back as it connects loved ones

What makes for a successful stationery release in 2019? Well, imagery and sentiments must be compelling and clever, with just the right amount of edge. The paper stock should be of supreme quality, with enhancements like foil, letterpress-effect debossing and soft touch varnish. No detail, down to the envelope interior, should be overlooked. Finally, it should have a charitable component. Oh — and it should still be affordable. If that sounds nearly impossible, it isn’t: Those are all elements of Pictura’s From Me To You collection of greeting cards, notepads and soft cover notebooks.

“We wanted to see a line created featuring fun, hip cards targeted to a customer with a younger mindset, both in style and text, that also goes one step further to support a cause we care about, while still maintaining a very reasonable price point,” explained Michele Frusciano, lead designer. “Too many times you pick up a card because you like the artwork, but then the text is just too over the top or too long or too formal. For this collection we wanted to just have fun with it and make them cards you can really give, and feel good about giving knowing you are supporting an incredibly worthy cause.”

For every card purchase, Pictura donates five cents to the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation, to contribute to research that alleviates the suffering caused by mental illness. By sending cards out from this collection out into the world, the catalog points out, From Me To You card senders are enriching in ways that extend beyond the card recipient and sender’s relationship.

Hell Yes greeting card from Pictura's newest collection, From Me to You and Back Again
Pictura’s latest release combines compelling artwork, clever messaging, and a cause-related component, all with a suggested retail of $3.95.

Stationery Trends interviewed Frusciano to learn more.

ST: What was the inspiration for this collection?

MF: We wanted to create something that was a little more laidback in its text, paired with on-trend abstract patterns and artwork, that would raise money to support a cause we care about. We wanted to target millennials, but also feel there’s plenty of consumers that don’t technically fall into the millennial age range, but have a younger mindset and want something more fun to give than the typical flowery texts we are used to on greeting cards. Now more than ever, we feel customers are looking to purchase something with meaning that not only makes them happy, but that they can feel good about spending their money on. That’s what From Me To You is all about.

Walk on the Wild Side selections pop at retail thanks to color, verbiage and effects like gold and holographic foils, debossing and embossing.

ST: How did you select the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation?

MF: There are so many worthy causes to support, but we feel that funding for mental health research is something the world needs now more than ever. So many people suffer from mental health issues worldwide, and we are pleased to see the work that the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation is doing to help.

Soft ‘N Snarky offerings are lighter in palette, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pack a lot of attitude regardless! Notepads have a suggested retail of $4.95; Softcover notebooks with the same embellishments as the cards and stitched bindings are $5.95.

ST: You divided the cards into two collections: Walk on the Wild Side and Soft ‘N Snarky. Do you see the end user of each to be a different consumer — or personality aspects of the same one?

MF: Both lines target a similar consumer, but we wanted to offer a bit of variety in color/style. There’s definitely a more Zen laidback feel to the Soft ‘N Snarky color palette, while the Walk on the Wild Side feels a little more rock ‘n roll, so depending on your mood, one may speak to you more than the other on any given day.

ST: What kind of response have you gotten from the range so far?

MF: So far there is lots of excitement over this range! Customers seem to feel this is filling a void in the market and offering something different for their customers. There’s also a very positive response to our support of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Mental health issues are important to so many people these days, and our customers seem to feel that it’s great to see the stigma being lifted and a light being shined on it.


ST: How do you recommend retailers merchandise and promote this range?

Soft ‘N Snarky offerings, above, are paired with kraft envelopes, while Walk on the Wild Side cards, below, have solid color coordinating envelopes.

MF: We offer several fantastic display options but also feel that these cards lend themselves well to many creative modes of display … prop them up in an old suitcase, arrange them on a cool wooden ladder … the possibilities are endless, and we want our retailers to have fun with it!

ST: Are you planning on continuing these releases?

MF: Absolutely! We already have some exciting new looks in the pipeline that we can’t wait to unveil, but at this time you will just have to wait and see … stay tuned!

ST: Is there anything else you’d like to share with Stationery Trends readers?

MF: We really want to express so much gratitude to our customers for supporting this range. We really believe in both the cause and the product itself. We put a lot of time and thought into creating it … and the cause we are helping to support. We couldn’t do it without you! As manufacturers of paper goods, it’s really important now more than ever to be aware of our footprint on the planet. We feel it’s important to make conscious choices to create only the best items and to have those items work for a greater good. Thank you for supporting us in this mission.

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