April 3, 2023 •
How Carlson Craft® is keeping up with the latest business and desk stationery trends

(Sponsored) Whether it’s note cards, business cards or address labels Carlson Craft has everything you need for business and desk stationery. A few of the latest releases we’re excited to share include Weekly Planner Notepads and the Embellished Note Folder! Carlson Craft’s Creative Director, April Simmering, shares a little about consumer trends, product lines and more.

Q: What types of consumer trends are you seeing that are influencing business and desk stationery?

Embellished Note Folder

 A: Monograms are popular right now. It’s worth noting that monograms are timeless and are really never out of style but there seems to be a renewed interest in them of late. What’s nice about monograms is that they have timeless appeal but can be beautifully customized for anyone and any occasion. I’m also seeing a lot of simple decorative touches like deckle edges, borders and foil details, which are really eye-catching elements yet retain a professional look and feel.

Q: What can your retail partners expect to see from Carlson Craft in this area?

A: We provide a fresh new set of more than 50 stationery products yearly and those can be found in the Stationery Collection. Our latest Stationery Collection just launched recently! It included note cards and note folders, business cards, Post-it® Notes, notepads, address labels and weekly planner notepads.

 Q: How do you work together with your retail customers in the personalized business and desk stationery?

A: We collect all comments and requests, review them as a team and then work on a plan to fit them into our new releases when possible. In response to a recent request for folded stationery to accompany wedding invitation ensembles, we took top sellers from our wedding collections and created coordinating note cards.

Q: What are you most excited about in your desk stationery offerings? What are your personal favorites?

I Love Plants Weekly Planner Notepad

A: The new weekly planner notepads, for sure. As someone who is constantly planning and coordinating for my own family as well as at work, weekly planner notepads are pretty sweet. We have several designs ranging from simple to fun and being able to add a little personalization makes them all the more special


Q: What are some of the best-sellers in terms of personalized desk and business stationery?

A: Deckle edges in all stationery categories are very strong. There’s something about the rough edge that gives the piece an almost handmade quality. Add a little sparkling foil on that deckle and customers are swooning! We are still seeing greenery as a popular look because it’s so naturally beautiful and refreshing plus it fits well with any style and any occasion.

Flowers in Pearl Note Card

Q: Any sneak peeks or exclusives you’re able to show the readers of Stationery Trends?  

A: We just released the new Stationery Collection earlier this month and I definitely have a few favorites readers should be sure to check out. The I Love Plants Weekly Planner Notepad on page 84 of the online catalog is a personal favorite and I really like the Bands of Gold on page 8 because it’s business on the front and a party on the back! The Embellished Note Folder on page 42 hits on the monogram trend we discussed earlier and it’s blind embossed, which is extra striking. striking. Retail partners can see samples of these and more when we release the brand-new Stationery Collection Portfolio in August!

Bands of Gold Note Card

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