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Atlanta Market favorites with Mockingbird on Broad

(Sponsored) Atlanta Market is the premier gift, décor and lifestyle market, with an unmatched, cross-category product assortment. It is a one-stop destination for small, independent retailers and large, corporate buyers alike. Attendees will find more than 1,000 showrooms, plus another 1,500 temporary exhibitors showcasing more than 6,000 brands across all product categories including gourmet, tabletop, housewares, fashion accessories, personal care, holiday and, of course, stationery.

Sundi McLaughlin

Sundi McLaughlin at Mockingbird on Broad in Southern Pines, North Carolina, shares some of her favorite things about Atlanta Market – including her favorite showroom, inspiring displays and more.

Current Bestseller in Your Store: Volcano fragranced anything from Capri Blue – candle, Pura, diffuser, dryer balls, room sprays.

Top Priority for January Market: My goals are threefold: I am excited to nail down holiday purchasing for the following year; see what is new with my existing accounts, meet with my lovely sales reps and walk the showrooms; and finally, scour the market for new lines in temps as well as showrooms I don’t have current accounts with.

What stationery do you source at Atlanta Market? I love greeting cards. It is such an easy addition to our shop! I have done really great with the line of cards from Compendium called “Love Muchly” — perfect for the sweet and sentimental crowd. Pretty Alright Goods cards are so funny and it is always great to hear a tinkle of laughter in the shop when customers give them a spin. For more innovative pop-up or shadow box cards I love Up With Paper. The details are phenomenal and lends itself to be more giftable. With this varied selection I usually have something for everyone. For other paper goods lines I love— I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Studio Oh! I have had success with their journals and pressed paper car fresheners. They always have the sweetest graphics and the company seems to really love what they do!

First Stop at Market: Usually, I head straight to the temp floors. I love seeing what the next generation of creatives have created! It gets me inspired and hopeful for the next year of buying.

 Favorite Temporary Floor: I honestly don’t have one- I just try and have an open mind because just when I think a certain floor isn’t going to have anything for me, I’ll find something I love tucked in an aisle I wouldn’t have expected.

Favorite Showroom: I would say Creative Co-Op is always exciting due to the sheer volume of new releases and products. I also love Cody & Foster for their displays and the way they jam so much into their space while keeping it organized.

Most Inspiring Displays: Hands down Glitterville! What he does with his window displays and showroom is always just incredible, and it gets me excited to get creative when I get back to my shop. Two’s Company always does a beautiful job as well as Creative Co-Op. So much of market for me is getting inspired and feeling that flicker of creativity reignite. After the holiday season everyone is so exhausted, it’s good medicine to walk around and see the creativity everywhere. It gets me pumped to get back to my shop and get after it!

 Go-to Meal on Campus: There is food? I honestly just go from appointment to appointment until I drop. If my Reps didn’t show pity and throw some cheese and a granola bar at me, I would just wither away till dinner time.

Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: Wherever I can get in. Luckily, my market partner is responsible for getting us reservations after the first year of us eating room service due to the absolute impossibility of getting in anywhere before 9 p.m. Lesson learned! Now we always try and get in at Alma Cocina a few nights while we are there – it never disappoints and I love their cocktails!

Favorite Place to Stay: Ideally the Westin Peachtree Plaza simply for its location. I have only been smart enough to book the reservation a year in advance once and the simplicity of not needing to go outside but rather just an elevator ride and a walk across the footbridge to Market and you have arrived! Absolute heaven.

Top Tip for First-Time Market Attendees: Be open to new ideas. I have learned not be too rigid in my thinking regarding merchandise.  Some of my best sellers and favorite items are things I would have never imagined I would sell. If I believe in the story of the company and the product I will give it a try regardless of its out of the ordinary for my shop.


Showrooms: January 16 – 22, 2024

Temporaries: January 17 – 21, 2024

For more information, visit https://www.atlantamarket.com/exhibitor/Categories/Stationery-and-Books

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