January 8, 2019 •
Fresh Picks: The Power of Pink

If 2018 was the Year of the Woman, 2019 may well find the fairer sex blossoming and flexing its newly acquired muscles. Join the conversation with the plethora of dazzling product available, like these holographic foiled notepads from When It Rains Paper Co. After all, how better to speak to the majority of your customers? Perhaps the mod trend echoes a certain raucous 1960s energy, but its pop culture vibe is irresistible! Regardless, the touch of the hand through the perspective of the illustrator becomes more important as screens increasingly dominate our lives. Meanwhile, llamas are enjoying a moment, and everyone is slowing down to take a breath and really relish the gift of the present!


Women’s Writes

Llama Drama

The Mod Squad


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