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May 10, 2018 •
Editor’s Letter

Happy Birthday, Stationery Trends!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been just over 10 years since I made a snowy drive to Grand Rapids from Cleveland to launch and nail down the content of the very first issue of Stationery Trends. I vividly remember making notes as I drove, coming up with the concepts for recurring departments such as Fresh Picks and An Event to Remember. (I also talked my way out of a speeding ticket, but that’s another story entirely!)

Forty issues later, I can proudly say that I have sweated over every square inch of every page. I am still as grateful for this opportunity as I was when we first went to print with our inaugural issue, and to say I’ve been lucky is a vast understatement.

I am so thankful that Matt McCallum, now our CEO (he was publisher on our first issue’s masthead) always believed in my ideas and gave me the freedom to make Stationery Trends a trade magazine that doesn’t resemble one. I still remember him offering me the chance to help create ST, and my response: “I’ll do it, but not if it looks like an ugly trade magazine.”

I would be remiss not to tip my hat to Kimberly Baker and Brian Virgona, who have had huge roles in this publication since Spring 2008, and toiled beside me for the majority of it. Abbey Fowler, meanwhile, started as our fist Creative Director, left to launch her own wholesale business and shop, 6.25 Paper, and has now returned as print designer. Meanwhile, we are also fortunate to have added Julie McCallum and Kristina Howell as our Editorial and Creative Directors, respectively.

Finally, I can’t close without thanking every last one of our readers, who are a consistent source of inspiration and connection to me. Whatever your industry role, it’s such a treat to hobnob in person at shows — especially at the National Stationery Show, now just around the corner. Graydon Carter’s last Editor’s Letter for Vanity Fair spoke of a magazine being a triangle, with the reader perched in the most important spot, right at the top. I can’t think of a more accurate description. Without you, a magazine that launched as magazines were dying left and right would never have endured.

So, where do we go from here then? Well, we’ve got a new look but the same dedication to reflecting our amazing industry. If you haven’t signed up for The Trend of The Month Club, through which my curated trend coverage is delivered to your inbox every month, please do so. And if you see me doing a booth tour at a trade show, please pop by and say hi!


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