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January 5, 2021 •
Designer to Watch in 2021: Natalie Henry-Charles

Natalie Henry-Charles, Pretty Peacock Paperie

Natalie Henry-Charles from Pretty Peacock Paperie, has shown herself as a stationery star and is one of Stationery Trends’ 10 Designers to Watch in 2021.

Aesthetic of the line?

Pretty Peacock Paperie is all about a good party, good times with good people, and celebrating all of life’s moments. I started greeting cards after a near death experience, which put so much into perspective. So, my cards are about bringing people together, empowering and motivating them — and just making them laugh.

Pretty Peacock Paperie logo

Current Bestseller?

Another Year Older With One Less F*** To Give, Happy Birthday. This card was created when I was about to turn 30 and realized that I cared so much less about the little things.

Pretty Peacock Paperie best-selling card

Personal Favorite?

You are Not Your Trauma. 2020 was very traumatic. I designed this card for those who have had tough experiences.

Pretty Peacock Paperie's Natalie Henry-Charles shares her favorite card design

Surprise Hit?

Little Girls with Dreams Turn into Women with Vision. I made this for my daughter when she was born. Imagine my surprise when I realized other people love it just as much as me!

Surprise hit greeting card design from Pretty Peacock Paperie

Iconic Selection?

Extra Like Guac. This card is extra, just like the person it’s intended for!

Iconic greeting card design from Pretty Peacock Paperie

Favorite Color?

Lime green! However, I love all greens, from chartreuse all the way to teal.

Pretty Peacock Paperie's Natalie Henry-Charles' favorite color

Current Design Obsession?

Enlarged colorful, chunky patterns. The bolder and brighter the better. Color makes me happy. So seeing blown out objects and bright colors next to each other brightens my mood!

Favorite Flower?

The Parrot Tulip. The more it blooms, the more its beauty is revealed. The petals get more and more twisted as they unfurl. The result is gorgeous!

Natalie Henry-Charles, Pretty Peacock Paperie
Natalie Henry-Charles, Pretty Peacock Paperie

Favorite Indulgence?

I love curling up on my couch late at night (after my kids fall asleep) with a glass of wine and drawing.

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