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January 5, 2021 •
Designer to Watch 2021: Josh Nusbaum

Josh Nusbaum, Waterknot

Josh Nusbaum from Waterknot has shown himself as a stationery star and is one of Stationery Trends’ 10 Designers to Watch in 2021.

Aesthetic of the line?

Waterknot is all about outdoor adventure, wildlife and wild places.

Waterknot Logo

Current Bestseller?

Count the Miles.It’s inspired by Yellowstone National Park, but the landscape is evocative of places all over. The sentiment is about experience and celebrating a life well-lived.

Best-selling card from Waterknot

Personal Favorite?

Sequoia Everyday Notecard. The age and size of the big trees in Sequoia National Park really put things into perspective.

Waterknot Card

Surprise Hit?

While our collection of social distancing cards is a detour from my main focus, people absolutely love them. We sell tons of them.

What's Up Chicken Butt from Waterknot

Iconic Selection?

Best is Yet to Come Birthday. Mount Rainier National Park is mind-bogglingly vast. There are so many trails, peaks and valleys that you are truly surprised by what’s around the next bend. Pretty much like life and getting older.

The Best is Yet to Come from Waterknot

Favorite Color?

I love blue. All kinds of blue.

Belated Birthday Card from Waterknot

Current Design Obsession?

Lately, I have been designing and building a patio cover in my backyard. I have been absolutely geeking out on all things timber framing and carpentry. This project has been an amazing design challenge — especially since I tend to think in 2D, not 3D.

Favorite Flower?

I love peonies. We have them planted by our front porch. But this year I have been thinking a lot about cherry blossoms. We had to take down our 75-year-old cherry tree this summer. It was a big loss and inspired me to write a poem. I will miss the blossoms each spring.

Josh Nusbaum, Waterknot
Josh Nusbaum, Waterknot

Favorite Indulgence?

A cheeseburger and fries. Here in Portland we have an amazing food scene. It’s weird to write about restaurants in the midst of the pandemic. But If you were looking for a cheeseburger tour of the city I would recommend Grain & Gristle, Little Big Burger or Bless Your Heart Burger.

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