June 23, 2021 •
Crafting the Perfect Envelope: Lucca Paperworks

{Sponsored} When Francine Katz, co-owner of Lucca Paperworks, decided her line needed a definitive envelope, she wasn’t sure where to start. Many lines have a bold color that fits their branding, but Katz didn’t want to take away from the aesthetic of her art-driven line.

The cards in the Lucca Paperworks line are printed on an 80-pound Classic Linen crisp paper with beautiful ink to complement the high-end material they’re printed on. Each card is framed out in the clean white of the paper, creating a visual mat, and vintage-style art is featured on each card. Until recently, the envelopes used in the line didn’t do the cards justice. “It was a missed opportunity to do something stylish,” Katz said.

Envelopes are also a tricky topic for Lucca Paperworks due to their lineup; they offer every one of their 340 designs in both A7 and A2 card sizes, and different regions tend to favor just one of those sizes. With the focus on the aesthetic being the main goal, Katz knew that the envelope had to be a clean backdrop to the cards, rather than a big pop of color. Another issue that Katz wanted to avoid was the tendency of neutral envelopes to be somewhat translucent, which gives away the surprise inside the envelope.

After determining that kraft wasn’t going to be the best choice and the initial gray option Katz found did not suit the cards, Katz reached out to Leader Paper to figure out what would work best with the collection’s art.
Lucca Paperworks and Leader Paper envelopes
The goal was to find something with a high-end feel that was not in a brown range. Within a French Paper Company sample book Leader had available for envelopes, Katz found a new color called “chipboard.” The warm grey envelope wasn’t translucent like many other lighter neutrals Katz had seen and was a clean shade and elegant texture that would complement the aesthetic of the whole line.

“Now, this envelope enhances the image and makes them more fun. We’ve done a 180! I’ve always appreciated beautiful envelopes in other lines,” Katz said. The envelope Katz chose ended up being that perfect combination of all the features she hoped for: neutral, opaque and textured, but not kraft. It doesn’t steal the thunder of the Lucca Paperworks line, but rather creates a more elegant feel to the already high-end paper and art of the cards.

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