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January 15, 2020 •
10 Designers to Watch in 2020: Elicia Castaldi

Elicia Castaldi from Girl w/Knife


Girl w/Knife


Elicia Castaldi from Girl w/Knife

Aesthetic of the Line?

Girl w/ Knife is an edgy, fashion-infused line of greeting cards and paper goods. We’re all about girl power, great friendships, a sharp joke and anything the color of rosé.

Girl w/Knife Logo

Current Bestseller?

Our Mermen Birthday Wishes is now at Paper Sources nationwide, which skyrocketed it to bestseller status. My buff mermen in bowties clearly needed another moment, so I added a Christmas card and gift wrap!

Mermen Card from Girl w/Knife

Personal Favorite?

I Would Walk The World For You In Heels. It sums up how I feel about the people closest to me, with a playful nod to high fashion. It’s my go-to when I shop my stockroom for a card.

Walk the World Card from Girl w/Knife

Surprise Hit?

Our ultimate fan fave is Friends Through Thick & Thin. Women are bonding over our 90s eyebrow casualties, and it’s a beautiful thing.

Thick and Thin Card from Girl w/Knife

Iconic Selection?

My Journal of Wild Ideas series. They were featured at the Alt Summit last spring, gained major swoons and quickly became the cornerstone of my line.

Journal from Girl w/Knife

Favorite Color?

My wedding dress was blush, so I think that says it all. In addition to black, of course. I can’t not mention black.

Current Design Obsession?

My current obsession is a concept house that I’m designing. It’s an interesting departure from illustration to play with tile, fixtures, furniture and textiles, and fun to infuse the Girl w/ Knife aesthetic into a new design medium. Expect loads of contrast!

Favorite Flower?

I’m in the peony camp all the way. My Love & Peonies card is my ode to them.

Favorite Indulgence?

Break-the-bank stilettos, naturally. Foodwise, I make a very mean lasagna.

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