Spring 2020 / Product Feature

Gift/Home Trends 2020

If customers seek utility, sustainability and personality in work spaces, the same holds even more true for living ones. “Natural elements and self-care gifts have completely swept the home and gift market,” opined Zo√´ Moon, marketing specialist, GeoCentral. “People are looking for organic, authentic, and real products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but make them feel good too. The focus on self-care and holistic healing practices have become common lifestyle practices in the last five years. This transition has also prompted a change that favors eclectic products that create a connection to the user.”

What’s Hot
There’s no better way to bring ease to any space than via the nose, pointed out Adrien Possien, fragrance and trend expert, Grace Management (Votivo, Greenleaf, Bridgewater Candle). “This season’s candle and scent launches bring a sense of freshness and optimism to interiors, with nature-inspired scents and bright, playful designs. Fragrances are inspired by apothecary herbs and botanicals, which also evoke a sense of place.”

At Mud Pie, the vibe across their 2020 collections is relaxed while at the same time refined, explained Ellen Fruchtamn, director, public relations. “Natural materials and weathered textures create unique pieces that look like they have been in the family for years.”

“One emerging trend that we have seen influence lifestyle choices is wabi-sabi, the art of imperfection,” Moon cited. “This philosophy focuses on finding the beauty in imperfections and speaks to natural, simple, and unique items.These items aid in personal growth, development, and influences the user to embrace everyday imperfections.”

Also Look For
Light and bright pops of color, individualized accents and pops of nude pink.

Tried & True
When it comes to olfactory elements, seek comforting vanilla or woody scents, as well as fresh and clean scents, Possien underlined.

Designer Quote
“The ‘less is more’ ideology is something that is not only a design trend but a lifestyle choice as well. Even though minimal living is an ongoing lifestyle choice, we feel the concept is still new to many in the market and growing. Investing in quality items with a story and connection has proven to provide more consumer satisfaction than replicated items, and has quickly become the basis of many consumer decisions.” – Zoe Moon, GeoCentral

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