July 8, 2019
The importance of writing thank you notes

Most of us know when you receive a gift, or are the recipient of a kind gesture, it is important to send a thank you of some type. Hand-written notes and cards are still important in today’s modern world according to the article in The Mercury News, “In an age of instant messaging, hand-written notes are refreshing” by Marni Jameson.

Jameson’s article also helps reflect on how to teach the younger generations all about hand-written messages and notes teachers, parents, and others have the ability to keep this tradition alive. Some individuals may wonder why this is so important … first it is a sign of kindness and respect. But that isn’t the only reason, as it helps cultivate a more personal form of communication. 

In today’s society, full of hustle and bustle, the etiquette behind hand-written notes is still being taught, as noted in this article, but it is up to everyone to keep this personal communication methodology in the forefront. For more inspiration on how to do this, read Marni Jameson’s article. Additionally, Thinking of You Week is a way for everyone to get involved in writing notes, letters, or cards, for no other reason to let someone know you are thinking of them. Thinking of You Week runs from September 23 through September 29, 2019.

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Ideal Stationery

A notepad, monogrammed stationery, a blank card or other type of paper is not really what matters when sending a hand-written note. The content is what matters, and if the type of stationery reflects the sender or recipient, that is a definite plus.

Hope greeting card by Shades of Expression Designs.

Some individuals may select boxed sets of blank cards, or thank you cards, that appeal to them on a personal level, while others may opt to select a single blank card to write a note inside. The front of the card can depict something important to the recipient, or maybe a shared hobby, or artwork that has meaning. There is an endless array of options. Just make it personal.

In today’s world of texts and communication that is comprised of acronyms, it truly is special when a hand-written note is received. This personal touch may not be as common today as in the past, but let people know you take notice and write them a note, it will be appreciated. 

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