July 17, 2023
Stamp price increases prompt industry action

The United States Postal Service (USPS) increased stamp prices again on July 9, representing the third stamp price hike in a year and an unprecedented pace and magnitude of postage increases, according to the Greeting Card Association (GCA).

Keep US Posted stamp price increasesUSPS reports indicate that mail volume is decreasing at much-higher-than-normal levels, which GCA credits largely to the stamp price increases.

So far, USPS remains intent on pursuing further increases every six months, GCA executives said. The Keep US Posted campaign that GCA supports is initiating a grassroots outreach to Congress to encourage them to weigh in at the Postal Regulatory Commission against further increases until the impact on mail volume is understood.

More than 40% of all cards sold are mailed, so these increases pose a real threat to the industry, GCA explained. Keep US Posted has built a network of 24,000 advocates in the last year-and-a-half.

GCA urges the industry to join this effort to build awareness on Capitol Hill of the need to keep postage affordable.

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