July 6, 2022
Christopher Radko releases Made in Ukraine collection of glass ornaments

Despite Ukraine’s war-torn condition, they are not beat. Their economy may be shot, but they are doing their best to keep working. Renowned ornament artist Mr. Christopher Radko recognized this, and has designed a special Made in Ukraine collection of glass ornaments called PAINTED BEAUTIES for this Christmas. This is his direct way of helping Ukrainian artists and glass ornament makers put food on their tables.

PAINTED BEAUTIES - HeARTfully Yours Christmas Collection

“I realize no one else is doing this, but the Ukrainian ornament makers need to feed their families and survive. What better way to directly support them, than to give them the opportunity to do what they do best. It’s a very dark time in the Ukraine, but this is a way to share beauty, and provide direct relief and income to them. These shining ornaments are the light in the darkness,” Mr. Radko added.

PAINTED BEAUTIES - HeARTfully Yours Christmas Collection

“PAINTED BEAUTIES – Made in Ukraine, with Love” is Mr. Radko’s latest introduction to the market under his new brand HeARTfully Yours. This collection will premier at the July gift show in Atlanta at the Schauben & Co. Showroom. The designs reflect the traditional Ukraine folk art seen on needlepointed costumes and pysanky, their famous Easter egg art, and bear the name of the artisans making them, such as Kalyna, Maxym, Danylko, and Ninya. There are a dozen new designs in this collection. HeARTfully Yours is Mr. Radko’s first collection in 15 years, and the only new ornaments designed personally by him.

PAINTED BEAUTIES - HeARTfully Yours Christmas Collection

The ornaments are made by small family workshops in central and western Ukraine, out of line from direct fire. PAINTED BEAUTIES will ship this fall from HeARTfully Yours.

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