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May 5, 2020 • Joe Tacosik
Let’s Talk White Ink — Sponsored by Carlson Craft

{Sponsored} Remember when gel pens came out? The young folk think gel pens have always existed but for the rest of us, seeing gel pens on store shelves for the first time was like coming home to a “My Little Pony” in your backyard! The colors were bright, bold and oh how they sparkled… even on colored papers. Pure magic.

Now you understand how stationery geeks feel about White Ink, capitalized for a reason because White Ink has taken years to achieve. So what’s the difference?

White Ink refers to a new printing technique able to achieve bright, fully saturated white printing on richly colored papers. You can see here how AMAZING White Ink looks on dark paper colors:

A white ink ensemble. (Image via Carlson Craft)

The full-bodied, matte finish jumps off the paper, allowing stationery designers to create incredible font layout designs and gorgeous calligraphy looks on everyday stationery, formal invitations and even envelopes.

The name is slightly deceiving because White Ink Stationery is actually printed with white toner. White Toner Printing technology has taken years to achieve on a scale that makes it widely available to today’s designers and businesses. Now that the printing capabilities have been made more widely available, White Ink Stationery is popping up in lots of places but it still requires a certain level of expertise to get it right. Finding an experienced printer with the expertise to master new technology is important.

Carlson Craft is a great choice if you’re looking to dive into White Ink designs. Check out the White Ink Invitations available in the Trend Collection at Carlson Craft to see the possibilities. You won’t be disappointed!

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