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May 9, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Winter Holiday 2022

Giftwrap from Sage and Grace Designs

What’s Hot

Any special finish or standout sentiment found on an everyday card belongs here in this market, elevated to the extreme. For that reason, PrintsWell’s photo cards are all about calligraphic typefaces and foil textures, detailed the company’s Rachel Quinn. “We are seeing a (lot) of modern typography along with the use of rich red foil and inks. Our Abstract Merry Photo card has been a top seller and is available (with pops) of red foil and is quite stunning.” 

“Foil continues to dominate the market, adding extra sparkle and shine and giving each card a high-end look,” agreed Traci Sellner, The Occasions Group. “We’ve seen a lot of success with neutral color palettes as well. Blush, blue and jewel tones are popular right now, and plaid continues to be a big hit. We’ve been following the clear trend in home décor and gift items, which inspired us to add a clear vinyl card stock with white imprint last year. We’ll be adding another vinyl design this year.” 

In regards to themes, Veronica Beretta of Quilling Card is seeing gnomes. “They have been popping up everywhere for the Christmas season! I anticipate seeing gnomes for every holiday and season throughout the rest of the year as well.” 

Tried and True

Color updates iconic holiday imagery, observed Sellner. “Wreaths, snowflakes, trees and religious themes continue to be strong but consumers love a fresh twist. For example, trees may change from traditional green to pastel or neutral colors, or wreaths might contain cotton to fit the rustic and farmhouse look. Currently we are seeing a lot of Eucalyptus so upcoming designs may contain some of that element. There are also some traditional elements that seem to have real staying power, like the vintage red truck. We tend to find that traditional designs in a new, unique format like gatefolds generate excitement as well.” 

Designer Quote

“We noticed a gap in our holiday card offerings, so this year we focused on creating some non-photo holiday cards. They have done really well and we even created some corporate holiday cards as well as designs for families. Our Glowing Christmas Greeting card has been a great seller and is available as a flat or folded card. It is a favorite among our staff at PrintsWell.” — Rachel Quinn, PrintsWell 

WH Hostess 

Personalized Christmas Gift Tag from WH Hostess

Carlson Craft 

Personalized Christmas Cards from Carlson Craft

Black Ink 

Stationery from Black Ink

Sage + Grace Designs 

Giftwrap from Sage and Grace Designs

Quilling Card 

Quilled Holiday Gnome Card from Quilling Card

Little Blue House 

A Truck Load of Things To Do Note Pad from Little Blue House

Bauble Stockings 

Stationery Guest Artist Dogwood Hill Tree from Bauble Stockings

Keller Design Co.

Peace and Joy Christmas Card from Keller Design Co.


Modern Merry Christmas Photo Card from PrintsWell

Alexa Pulitzer 

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