December 17, 2019 •
The influence of color trends on modern gift wrap designs

{Sponsored} Much like the stationery world, color trends in gift wrap are heavily influenced by fashion and led by the trends Pantone releases periodically. It may seem like an easy choice to purchase a large stock of seasonal wrap and use it year after year, but keeping up with the trends will mean that wrappings for gifts could match the trendy items inside.

Sarah Hartford, senior design manager at The Gift Wrap Company (TGWC), understands this struggle. Hartford and her team members spend time scouring The Gift Wrap Company Designs 2020-1the trend reports and studying color swatches. They analyze results as a team, comparing notes and picking a palette for the upcoming designs.

New colors need to work with existing stock that TGWC has on hand while still meeting the market demand for trendy designs and colors. Plus, Hartford notes, colors look different on gift wrap than on textiles, in paint or in cosmetics, so the design team needs to consider the final form of their work — as well as paper finishes that may be used — when choosing colors to focus on.

They also consider consumers’ tastes. If a color may not be palatable to consumers, it doesn’t make it into the latest TGWC color palette.

Once they are satisfied with the palette, they begin work on both creating fresh designs and recoloring perennial favorites.

The Gift Wrap Company Designs 2020-2The Spring and Summer 2020 Pantone swatches forecast what may happen in the industry, and a few favorites of TGWC’s design team include Saffron, Biscay Green and Grape Compote.

The Grape Compote tone is found in TGWC designs in a dustier shade, which TGWC calls “cassis.” Cassis will make its way into the designs for wedding, to go with the classic black, white, silver and gold tones.

“Our favorite colors that we are most excited about for 2020 are upbeat and refreshing melon, romantic and sophisticated cassis, invigorating and youthful mint, meditative and calming blue, and new and retro mustard which we saw last year and that will continue into 2020,” Hartford said.

The on-trend Biscay Green is a great color for kids and baby, plus birthday, Hartford noted. This “neo mint” shade is not only youthful, but also “futuristic, scientific and technological” in tone, and is visible throughout the TGWC collection. Saffron, a recoloring of the mustard tone seen in recent years, may see a slight change in shade to blend better with recent designs, but yet stay on-trend.

Hartford suggests that in addition to stocking new wrap, shops should stock ribbons, tags and tissue in the trending shades. The Gift Wrap Company Designs 2020-3Gift-givers can combine new patterns with existing patterns for a trendy look with updated colors.

“Adding product that is on trend helps keep a shop’s offerings from becoming stale and outdated. Sure, you want to offer your customers the timeless classics that they know you’ll always have, but you also want to keep them excited to come back and see what you have new to offer for the season,” Hartford said.

Ribbon or tissue in a modern color can completely transform the look of gift wrap design to keep it on-trend and create a brand new look. These transformations bring excitement to gift givers and receivers alike.

Another option might be pairing a floral or botanical with paisley, damask or stripe, or pairing two botanicals, always keeping in mind that using a bold pattern with a subtler one is a great option for combinations.

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