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March 4, 2018 •
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The key to success remains mysterious, but it seems that the key to failure in retail is twofold. The first mistake is not having a sense of one’s brand and, by extension, not ensuring that every item on the floor speaks to that identity in some way, shape or form. The second mistake is a bit more tricky: not showing customers what they want before they realize they want it. Henry Ford explained this concept best: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

The design elements I’ve shared here pertain to curiosity, a desire to examine not just what surrounds us, but new realms as well. The Natural World relates to underappreciated and overlooked flora and fauna, while both Global Vibe and Wanderlust speak to a quest of discovery. Out of this World literally continues that adventure off of our own blue planet, while Texture-Rich Surfaces offers fresh dimensions in design.

On the product category side, utility balances with style in varying equations. Foiled napkins elevate a party must-have into a dynamic conversation piece, while pencil sets transform an everyday essential into something that is by turns witty and wise. Patches add personality to what is already owned, making it truly ours, while planner pads and pouches make the drudgery of getting organized bearable and even almost fun.

Speaking of fun, regardless of how you define your brand, have fun with what you present to your customers — and they’ll not only enjoy discovering it within your walls, but integrating it into their own lives!

Global Vibe | Cosmopolitan and sophisticated, these fabulous finds pull from tactile traditions from around the world to add an exotic air to whatever and whomever they touch.

Out of This World | The idea of looking beyond the everyday and dreaming of what might be drives this extraterrestrial trend.

Texture-Rich Surfaces | Holographic and rainbow foils as well as iridescent surfaces add a dynamic pop wherever they’re placed.

The Natural World | Wonder is all around us — sometimes it just takes these excellent presentations to remind us of it.

Wanderlust | Defined as “a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about,” this is a vibe, not a traditional trend. Just like the perfect destination, you’ll know when you’ve found it!

Foiled Napkins | Meet the new ultimate impulse items. Placed near the cash wrap, they’ll soon be holding drinks all over town!

Patches | The natural companion to enamel pins, patches give passions a bit more space, and also permanently personalize possessions.

Pencil Sets | Don’t let your customers use an ordinary Number 2, not when there are plenty of more stylish sisters for the job!

Planner Pads | Be it meals, one’s week or just a standard to-do list, these oversized pads turn the best intentions into reality!

Pouches | This gift and stationery trend shows no sign of slowing, perhaps due to their inherently versatility and wide ranges of sizes, shapes, materials and patterns!

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