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April 10, 2019 •
Spring Gift Wrap Trends: from ditsy prints and corgis to shades of yellow and iconography

{Sponsored} With a history ranging from foil ribbon to brown kraft paper to embossed and glittered and layered looks seen in recent years, giftwrap has undergone dramatic changes in the last century.

The core concept remains the same: to delight the recipient and dazzle onlookers of the gifting process. This season, bridal and baby are big with everything from retro floral patterns in bright colors to micro-prints, the perennial favorite for babies (animal prints) and pink appearing once again as a top color choice of consumers.

Nancy Dickson, creative director at The Gift Wrap Company, talks about what is hot off the design tables this spring.

Buyers will see high-quality white kraft paper with a matte finish and natural feel but also iridescent holographics; some newer designers in the eco-friendly sphere are utilizing limestone as a material for creating gift wrap, and bamboo is another alternative to traditional paper, which both up the sustainability factor. GWC is working on developing some more sustainable products as well, so stay tuned for new developments!

The Gift Wrap Company Summer 2019 Offerings, Baby

GWC’s spring baby line is full of safari animals, household pets and aquatic creatures. The personality really comes out in the designs, with sweet faces and jungle tigers making a strong showing. Cats and dogs remain a consumer favorite.

Spring brings with it the start of wedding season, and buyers need to get the right designs on the shelves to cater to a variety of wedding styles and consumer demands. “We have seen a lot of text as iconography and design in all markets, but it adds a fresh perspective in the wedding arena, which is typically a bit traditional. I can’t get over all the ‘Mr. & Mrs.’ adorned items. Wall plaques, pillows, stationery, giftwrap … the text and font become the design element,” Dickson said.

The Gift Wrap Company Summer 2019 Offerings, FloralBold large florals as well as micro-floral designs are best-sellers right now, but they can also be utilized for other occasions, making them an excellent staple in the gift wrap cabinet, she said. Consumers will buy them for a bridal shower and use them for any occasion throughout the year.

The agelessness florals bring to a shower (even for baby) are always welcome, and this year’s retro pallets are hot. “We are getting a great reaction to some bright bold mid-century inspired florals as well as seeing best sellers that are reminiscent of Laura Ashley 1984 catalog! Florals are always popular for female gifting no matter what the age range, so floral styles really speak to the personal tastes of the giver or the recipient,” Dickson said.

Bright bold pinks are appealing in all of the markets GWC serves, but Dickson was surprised to see yellow become so popular as well. Anything from lemon The Gift Wrap Company Summer 2019 Offerings yellow to mustard or turmeric shades seems to be flying out the door. “We infused yellow into several designs for our ED 2019 release that left me looking for the perfect yellow ribbon daily throughout our photoshoot,” Dickson said.

Pugs and corgis and cats adorn wrap that isn’t just for pet gifts. “I believe this trend is yet to fully peak, and I think this will become a new normal as we move into the next few years and beyond,” Dickson speculated.

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