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January 10, 2014 •
Sadaf Kiani

Sadaf Kiani

Little Seashell Cards

1. When and how did you start working in this business?

After years of working as a graphic designer and illustrator, I decided to start my own greeting card business and began designing the cards in the summer of 2006. I published my first line of 16 greeting cards in November.

2. What is your signature style?

Sweet design, clever idea and vibrant color.

3. What are your most popular stationery offerings?

Hand-embellished greeting cards for all occasions, including birthday, wedding, baby and seasonal.

4. Please share the direction your line will be taking.

I love to keep my line fresh, bold, clean, crisp, bright and unique. We are going to continue to provide trendy and cutting edge designs that are high-quality product that we can be proud of.

5. What are your top three retail tips for success?

Have passion for what you are doing, keep in touch with what the market demands and maintain a high quality of product and customer satisfaction.

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