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May 5, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Gift/Home 2022

Let's Paint

What’s Hot

Marcia Miller, CEO, Mud Pie, divulged, “We’re seeing a lot of black and green in the marketplace. Mud Pie’s new Mercantile collection combines black elements with wood pieces and a neutral color palette. At the same time, our popular Indigo collection, which returned for spring, was updated with pops of green.” 

Indeed, in an uncertain market, certain classics feel fresh, added Stacey Hagarman of s.e.hagarman. “I believe that white, black and neutral color palettes, with chic statement furnishings, accessories and pieces are always in style.” 

On the maker side, Kristina Yu of Cheery Human Studio connects a similar color perspective with her ancestry. “I’ve noticed a shift in customer interest towards rich green tones paired with pastels, and periwinkle combined with bright warm color tones. I recently released my Year of the Tiger collection, an ode to my Asian-American heritage. It utilizes these color elements on vinyl stickers and stationery.” 

Tried and True

This market is characterized by reinvention; while icons such as by florals and wildlife remain consistently strong draws for the audience of this market, maker sensibilities evolve alongside the maker and her audience, Yu pointed out. “It’s incredible that themes like florals/ gardens and pets/animals have been beloved by customers for so long, but year after year can be interpreted in a number of fresh and new ways.” 

“Anything with a nod to nature continues to thrive season-to-season,” explained Miller. “Consumers like to see it in many ways — patterns, colors, textures or materials.” 

“Current design elements that will never go out of style are neutrals and classic patterns like polka dots, plaids and leopard prints. After being home a lot over the past year or so, I have been inspired by how styles have gone back to basics and have a more minimalist and personal feel,” observed Hagarman. “I believe we will continue to see these bold patterns and vintage statement pieces throughout the fashion, home and lifestyle markets.” 

Designer Quote

“Mud Pie’s brand DNA embodies adding laughter, inspiration and joy to everyday celebrations. This ideology is embedded into everything we design, and our goal is to create special, giftable pieces for everyone. Catering to differing tastes is hugely important, which is why we are sure to include styles and colorways that appeal to a broad audience. One piece of advice I would give to retailers is to mix and match product lines to keep classic pieces modern and interesting.” — Marcia Miller, Mud Pie 

s.e.hagarman Designs 

Butterfly Boxed Notes from s.e. hagarman Designs

Scripted Fragrance 

Rocks Glass from Scripted Fragrance

Paint Anywhere 

Let's Paint

Coton Colors 

Picture Ornament Frame from coton colors

Alice Gunther Objets 

Alice Gunther Objects


Citronella Candle from Skeem

Furbish Studio

Well, Well, Well If It Isn't... Pillow from Furbish Studio 

Luxe Dominoes 

Tic-Tac-Toe from Luxe Dominoes


Baby T-Shirt from Maptote

Mud Pie

Wooden Chain Links for home from Mud Pie 

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