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December 6, 2022 • Sarah Schwartz
Fresh Picks: Pearls of Wisdom

Tiny and Snail.

There’s great power in simple words. These are the cornerstone of stationery, to say nothing of the private messages inside. Their capability for connection, healing and laughter is why they have wandered off paper and onto gift and home offerings. However, no one can harness their power and presentation quite like paper people; witness for example how Tiny and Snail brilliantly makes the most of just one word on this postcard. Click on the categories below for more empowering and snarky headliners!

Empowering Messaging

Bingo Card, Chips Included. UWP Luxe.
Bingo Card, Chips Included. UWP Luxe.

Snarky Copy

Shade Card. Pinky Weber.
Shade Card. Pinky Weber.


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