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March 29, 2019 •
Engineering. Hunger. Magic. Connection. Making every occasion magical for customers

{Sponsored} As a child in Hungary, Lovepop designer Kincso Toth often searched for inspiration in the form of Super Heroes she could aspire to be. When she was given the opportunity to design a pop-up card for Captain Marvel, Kincso dove in head first, fueled by the knowledge that her card could make the difference for a child who is looking for a Super Hero with which to identify.

The card, which debuted in March of 2019, features the tagline, “Higher, Further, Faster” with Captain Marvel catapulting through the air. That slogan and the connection Kinsco felt to Captain Marvel — the female Super Hero of her dreams — fueled and inspired the card’s design process.

The passion Lovepop designers, like Kincso, have for their work is unique. Each card is assigned based on the interests, passions, and skillset of the designers in order to create the best possible product. Every designer thinks about the Lovepop Designerspotential recipients of each card and the team works collaboratively to create the most impactful design. This thoughtful process is integral to the magic that Lovepop delivers to customers.

“Our process is always evolving,” said Julia Jiao, design lead at Lovepop. “We consider trending topics and themes, and we like to hear from customers to find out what they want to see from the designs. We incorporate ideas from Lovepop employees and take inspiration from our social media followers. We review all of these thoughts and ideas and determine what will perform well and what fits with our brand.”

What’s new?

Besides the Captain Marvel card, we can expect to see even more licensed designs from Star Wars and Marvel in 2019. Lovepop is also always coming out with new designs to appeal to niche interests — think: cat fanatics and space enthusiasts. And, experimenting with fresh color options.

“In terms of palette, we are playing a lot with neutral tones, but also expanding to include all varieties of color combinations. Now that our printing is more advanced and quality is higher, we are able to create more vividly intricate designs that immerse our customers in the colorful world of Lovepop. This gives us more freedom to create designs and illustrations that speak to the card theme,” Julia said.

What’s magical?

Lovepop’s core values of engineering, hunger, magic and connection play into what the company creates to delight their customers. Engineering means that a new design can make it from concept to design in a few weeks or months — depending on if it is an existing card fold or if it is brand new. Part of that is possible because of advanced prototyping done on-site at their Boston headquarters, which allows them to get real-time feedback from the entire company, including the Customer Happiness team.

Lovepop uses hunger and magic to exceed expectations with meaningful, unexpected experiences for customers all over the world. The design team takes feedback on experiences that customers have with the cards and consider it when they create new designs. “People write in and share feedback from their experience. For example, a customer once used our Penguins in Love design as part of their proposal, placing the engagement ring inside the card,” Julia said. “It is so special for us, as designers, to know how our work helps create magical moments for our customers and the people they care about.”

Connection is evident in the collaborative processes and open floor plan at Lovepop headquarters, but also in their customers’ feedback loop. “We try to build in collaboration and listen to customer reviews and ideas that come through every day on social media, our Insiders Community and our Happiness channels,” Julia said. It also plays out in the relationship with the Lovepop design team based in Vietnam, where the company’s production facility is located. The U.S. design team travels to Vietnam regularly to spend time getting to know and collaborate with their Vietnamese colleagues. More importantly, Lovepop cards are about making a connection between the giver and receiver. Whether it’s a birthday or anniversary card meant to spread joy or a first responder card used to show gratitude, everything the Lovepop team does is meant to make every occasion magical.

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