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June 18, 2016 • Sarah Schwartz
Editor’s Letter: The #NSSClassof70

Welcome to Stationery Trends’ annual National Stationery Show (NSS) issue! This issue is always exciting to create, since in producing it I get a sneak peek at what will be dazzling attendees this May.

This year’s edition promises to be a show to remember, as NSS is celebrating 70 years. In its honor, I was thrilled to help put together a very special juried project in conjunction with NSS, Legion Paper, Parse & Parsel and 32 very special exhibitors: The #NSSClassof 70!

This trading card series takes its cue from trading cards of the ’70s. Those around then will remember them well — topics ranged from baseball greats to “Charlie’s Angels” — and all were sold with a rectangle of usually stale bubble gum.

While “create a ’70s-inspired trading card” was the only directive we gave NSS exhibitors, as soon as I reviewed the entries, I saw that the project had evolved into something quite different: a very special “Project Runway” for our industry.

I realized that our challenge echoed many that I’ve watched on my favorite show: Essentially, can you create something with the vibe of this project, while still staying true to your own style? It was incredibly heartwarming to see so many exhibitors focus on various elements of ‘70s design.

So, while many think disco or bell bottoms when one thinks of that decade, the cards evoke various ’70s elements that are too good to be forgotten — from fabulous Pucci patterns to bubble letters, rainbow suspenders to copious hairspray. Our 30 cards are full of such visual surprises, paired with luxe touches from letterpress to beveled edges, all presented on Legion’s broad range of offerings.

I can’t wait to see the letterpressed version of the card from Porchlight that I’ve shared here. I sincerely hope every attendee assembles a set as they walk NSS to create a really cool keepsake of their four paper-filled days.

Alternatively, you can register for my seminar, NSS Class of ’70: Taste Makers and Trend Shapers, to be held at 9 a.m. Sunday, May 15 — one hour before the NSS show doors open. Not only do the first 100 attendees get a complete set, everyone will get treated to snapshot profiles and trend notes from our special 32 in an engaging visual presentation.

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