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January 5, 2021 •
Designer to Watch in 2021: Cami Monet

Cami Monet, www.camimonet.com

Cami Monet has shown herself as a stationery star and is one of Stationery Trends’ 10 Designers to Watch in 2021.

 Aesthetic of the line?

Cami Monet is all about watercolor paper goods that celebrate life’s delightful details. Think pun-derful critters, fun and fancy florals and a whoooole lot of personality. I paint for the “sweet tea in a champagne glass” folks who toast to light-hearted cheer. My motto? Make everything fun!

Cami Monet logo

Current Bestseller?

Birthday Penguins Greeting Card. There’s something so incredibly adorable about penguins in party hats. And the confetti toss just makes it irresistible.

Cami Monet's best-seller, a Happy Birthday Card

Personal Favorite?

Paint Palette Notepad. My paint palette is almost like a work of art in itself so naturally I had to paint it! This is exactly how the colors in my palette are arranged; it’s truly a little piece of my heart.

Watercolor Paint Palette Artist Notepad from Cami Monet

Surprise Hit?

Sending You Sunshine Greeting Card — I can’t print it fast enough!

Sending You Sunshine Watercolor Floral Greeting Card from Cami Monet

Iconic Selection?

Chip Chip Hooray. This little guy has become the unofficial mascot of Cami Monet. When I close my eyes and think of my line, this is what comes to mind: joyful, encouraging, peppy…and maybe even a teeny “squee!” of cuteness.

Iconic Chip Chip Hooray Card from Cami Monet

Favorite Color?

A soft sage green. It’s like the grown-up version of my childhood fave, which we will lovingly refer to as “Limited Too Turquoise.” (Did I just give away my age?)

Cami Monet's favorite color

Current Design Obsession?

In true artist fashion, there’s no way I can pick just one, so allow me to hit the highlights *ahem*: Butterflies (always); Vintage botanicals (can’t get enough). Old storybooks (give me all the charm). Also, French pastries. The amount of detail for a single tiny treat is fascinating to me, and I want to capture that same feeling of indulgence and delight with my work.

Favorite Flower?

Cosmos and zinnias, especially together. They’re like a wild, magical meadow in full-on party-mode.The colors! The chaos! I’m here for it.

Cami Monet
Cami Monet, www.camimonet.com

Favorite Indulgence?

Pancakes at Cracker Barrel. Preferably with embarrassing amounts of butter and syrup. What can I say, I’m a simple gal.

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