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January 5, 2021 •
Designer to Watch in 2021: Alexa Pulitzer

Alexa Pulitzer

Alexa Pulitzer has shown herself as a stationery star and is one of Stationery Trends’ 10 Designers to Watch in 2021.

Aesthetic of the line?

Made in New Orleans for a quarter century, this luxe range is whimsical and timeless, high end yet affordable.

Alexa Pulitzer logo

Current Bestseller?

“F*ck” Calling Cards.

Alexa Pulitzer best-seller, “F*ck” Calling Cards

Personal Favorite?

Madam Cheetah.

Madam Cheetah from Alexa Pulitizer

Surprise Hit?

Hornabet Long Pads.

Surprise hit from Alexa Pulitzer, Hornabet Long Pads

Iconic Selection?

Royal Court Animals series.

King Gator, part of the iconic Royal Court Animals series from Alexa Pulitzer

Favorite Color?


Current Design Obsession?

Wallpaper. Whether it’s Rebecca Rebouche’s ethereal murals, Fine & Dandy Co., or my “New Orleans Toile” wallpaper in collaboration with Flavor Paper, I can’t get enough.

Favorite Flower?

Trumpet Flower.

Alexa Pulitzer, www.alexapulitzer.com
Alexa Pulitzer, www.alexapulitzer.com

Favorite Indulgence?

Caviar Pie.

For more information, visit www.alexapulitzer.com.

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