October 18, 2018 •
An Evolving Eye

Trends come and go, but that cliché is a misnomer in that trends do not arise out of thin air. Rather, they tend to evolve naturally from where we have just been, be it in the arena of design, culture or politics. The true guesswork comes in how long they will endure and which socioeconomic segment they will resonate with — and therefore, which ones speak to your clientele.

This year finds design trends as a blend of the visually compelling, the culturally pertinent and the fashionably functional. If one tickles your fancy, try it out on your customers!

Abstract. With the market taking an artful turn over the past several years, it was only a matter of time until this “see what you want to see” trend reappeared. giddy paperie
Big. How better to make a gargantuan statement with a greeting card than by increasing the trim size? This one is screenprinted for additional impact! Anne & Kate
Color Blocking. This trend has evolved from more mod origins into a vibe that’s decidedly elegant and geometric. Bella Figura
Darling Baby Accessories. Nothing tickles the fancy of a new mom, or someone looking for a gift, than something fanciful that captures the imagination. Little Belle Nightlights
Encourage Mindfulness. This is one of those cultural buzzwords that’s likely to stick around a while. With Barnes & Noble reporting that fighting anxiety and seeking happiness are foremost in its customers’ minds, this one addresses both! Flying Wish Paper
Fairly Long. Card makers are playing with shape and size — and elongating the card makes for interesting designs and bigger impact! Elizabeth Grubaugh Paper & Prints
Gems. What better to compare our loved ones to than precious stones— which are also interesting design elements in and of themselves. Page Stationery
Hamilton. Whether or not this captivating musical has hit your town, its effect on the nation has been truly revolutionary. The Casey Barbershop
Intellectual pursuits. This trend not only looks smart, it amplifies a bibliophile’s favorite passion. KSNY through Lifeguard Press
Just Black and White. While vibrant color has its place, so too does the complete absence of it. Our Heiday
Keyrings. This category is the perfect add-on sale — and the perfect way to infuse one’s accessories with a bit of personality. Vignetterie
Lettered by Hand. Who needs to buy one’s stationery off the shelf when a slew of brush pens make gorgeous lettering accessible to all? Tombow
Modern Messaging. While the humble pencil has received a lot of attention lately, now it is the turn for pens to get the same treatment. Public School Paper Co
Notebook Sets. Because honestly, these are so cute, you need more than one! Compoco
Other Abecedaries. The concept is catching on, and frankly, it’s about time! This series examines travel. PaperFinch Designs
Patches. A little retro, with the ability to add personality to any possession, these are having their well-deserved moment. Their impact is limited only by the designer’s imagination. Petra Boase
Quite Thankful. To some, thank yous are a necessary evil; to others, they’re a chance to let one’s gratitude shine. Either way, the ability to track them is a must for brides. Smudge Ink
Ribbon Cards. These infuse card-sending occasions with an extra dose of humor, not to mention a higher perceived value. The Matt Butler
Socks. This category has taken off like wildfire, thanks to their ability to add personality, panache and passion to the person. Smarty Pants Paper Co.
Terrazzo Textures. Easy on the eye and alluding to luxurious interiors, these colorful surfaces add fresh flair to stationery. Designworks Ink
Unusually Saucy. It’s one thing to have personalized stationery that Emily Post would approve of … and quite another to have that which speaks to millennial sensibilities! Kitty Meow
Very Organized. It would seem that there is a planner for everything — represent the market with diverse offerings that speak to your clientele’s lifestyles. Seamless Meal Planner
Women’s Empowerment. This category covers everything from products extolling feminist thought to that which educates the next generation of young women. Laurence King
Xtremely Small. At the other end of the size spectrum, the diminutive can pack a powerful punch. E. Frances Paper
Yes to Resistance. As activism on both sides reaches a crescendo, product that panders to personal political power proliferates. Laurence King
Zest for Nature. In a time of divisiveness and discord, the world beyond our screens serves as a salve — and even a salvation. Bloomwolf


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