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January 15, 2020 •
10 Designers to Watch in 2020: Mindy Carpenter

Mindy Carpenter from Carpe Diem Papers


Carpe Diem Papers

Mindy Carpenter from Carpe Diem Papers

Aesthetic of the Line?

Nostalgic art meets vintage style. Carpe Diem’s cards have a quirky elegance and sophistication, capturing the beauty of vintage objects and everyday scenes. From fancy parlors, beloved pets, flea market finds or a table of sweet treats, Mindy’s paintings bring humor and a warm heart to vibrant life.

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Current Bestseller?

Kelly’s Confetti Cake, named after my best friend. We are part-time professional cake tasters and have gone to great lengths to find the perfect flavor, beauty, icing, cuteness and wow factor. Kelly owns this original painting.

Kelly's Confetti from Carpe Diem

Personal Favorite?

My Fancy Parlors. They were one of my first series of paintings where I really hit my stride. My two latest are Leopard & Louis (shown) and Pink Parlor. I love furnishing the rooms with eclectic furniture, capturing home décor trends, and adding a mosaic wall of artwork with messages or themed art.

Leopard and Louis Card from Carpe Diem

Surprise Hit?

Happy Birthday Cats. It’s such a funny mosaic of cats in clothes and eyeglasses!

Happy Birthday Cats Card from Carpe Diem Papers

Iconic Selection?

This cheerful collection: Ciao Bella (shown), Live in the Sunshine and Stop & Smell the Roses. They’re the anchors of my line and capture a whimsical, feel-good nostalgia for color, life and a happy heart.

Ciao Bella Card from Carpe Diem

Favorite Color?

You’d think it was pink and green, but navy blue is my true-blue forever color.

Current Design Obsession?

Mixing patterns and designs: tartan with leopard, stripes with florals, golds and silvers with fur. My other obsession is working with new mediums; I’m learning gouache and adore it.

Favorite Flower?


Favorite Indulgence?

Peets coffee, almond croissants from a local French bakery, Gamblin oil paints, elizabethW bath products, walking our dog when I should be working, art books and antique store treasures.

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