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January 15, 2020 •
10 Designers to Watch in 2020: Cecily Moore

Cecily Moore from The Paper Curator


The Paper Curator


Cecily Moore from The Paper Curator

Aesthetic of the Line?

The Paper Curator offers bold, colorful, artisanal goods for the modern creative. Specializing in handmade craftsmanship, the artwork for each product is developed using methods like watercolor, acrylic painting, brush lettering and embroidery, to name a few. Each item is thoughtfully designed and created in our studio, underscoring our emphasis on providing quality, one-of-a-kind offerings.

The Paper Curator logo

Current Bestseller?

Hooray Hooray Birthday Card.

Hooray Hooray Birthday Card from The Paper Curator

Personal Favorite?

Our Becca Everyday Notebook is hand-stitched with 80 pages of bleed-proof paper inside.

Becca Everyday Notebook from The Paper Curator

Surprise Hit?

Hand-crocheted and super luxe, our Seafoam Gift Ribbon is the re-giftable add-on that keeps on giving.

Seafoam Gift Ribbon from The Paper Curator

Iconic Selection?

Each leather Prim Pencil Case is slightly different due to its hand-painted polka dots.

Prim Pencil Case from The Paper Curator

Favorite Color?

Orange has been my favorite for the longest time, probably because it’s bright, cheery and a little loud, like myself.

Favorite Color from The Paper Curator

Current Design Obsession?

Terrazzo Prints. The lovely mix between organic and geometric shapes is mesmerizing to me! I particularly love how they’re being used in the home décor and jewelry markets.

Favorite Flower?

I find the shape and tightly packed petal layers of Ranunculus so stunning, and (shocker!) I particularly love the orange ones.

Favorite Indulgence?

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos! I’m utterly addicted to anything spicy and I never shy away from a good indulgence.

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