January 24, 2012
Valentine’s Day Card Sales Hold Steady for 2012

The Greeting Card Association (GCA) estimates that approximately 150 million greeting cards will be purchased for Valentine’s Day this year in the U.S. This figure is based on member company sales and does not include children’s packaged valentines for classroom exchanges. Valentine’s Day is the second-largest holiday for giving greeting cards, behind Christmas.

The GCA expects that the number of greeting cards purchased for Valentine’s Day will hold relatively steady from last year’s estimate of approximately 160 million valentines purchased as, historically, more valentines tend to be exchanged when the holiday occurs on a weekday – as it will again this year with February 14 falling on a Tuesday. The GCA is also optimistic that Valentine’s Day card sending will remain strong, since the industry is coming off of a positive card-sending Christmas season.

“We are very pleased that holiday card sending remained strong in 2011,” said GCA President Susan January, vice president of Leanin’ Tree. “Clearly, consumers understand and are committed to the practice of sending meaningful, handwritten communication as a key element in maintaining their most important personal relationships. We expect Valentine’s Day to further reinforce that tradition, as exchanging Valentine’s Day cards as a means of expressing love and affection between friends, family members, and in our romantic relationships is a key component in celebrating the holiday. Decorative Valentine cards in their red or pink envelopes are as much a part of the holiday celebration as flowers, chocolates, and other tokens of affection.”

Although designs and verses range from traditional to contemporary to humorous, hearts and flowers continue to be the most popular motifs, and red and pink remain the top colors for Valentine’s Day cards.

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