June 15, 2022
Stationery Store Day celebrates retail shops this August

Stationery Store Day is held annually on the first Saturday in August. This year Stationery Store Day will be held Aug. 6, 2022. Kristina Burkey, who opened Calliope, a stationery store in Natick, Massachusetts, is the founder of this annual celebratory day.

“I saw a want from people to seek out stationery shops and the need for these shops to have a day where their owners can wave a (metaphorical) flag and say ‘I’m over here!! Come visit!,’” Burkey said.

Stationery Store Day encourages stationery shops, in America and globally, to “celebrate the unique experience that is the stationery store.” The day is to celebrate paper shops — and is a fun day for everyone who has a passion for paper.

This day is all about honoring stationery stores, so on Aug. 6, visits to a local stationery shop, or several, is highly encouraged. “It will be up to each shop as to how they want to celebrate, but no matter what, it will be fun because stationery is always fun,” emphasized Burkey. To view participating shops, visit

Stationery Store Day is more than just spending money, it is about raising awareness about stationery shops and people are encouraged to post on social media and tag local shops to help spread the word about the fantastic businesses that are available to peruse stationery.

Paper enthusiasts can support stationery stores through purchases, but also can provide support by just helping to “spread the word” about amazing local shops. To help increase awareness, people are encouraged to post on social media and tag a favorite shop. For stationery lovers who don’t really know of a favorite brick-and-mortar business, online shops can be mentioned. 

“Whether you are a shop owner or an excited paper enthusiast, I’m glad you’re here and I hope you are looking forward to celebrating the very first Stationery Store Day and every one to follow,” Burkey shared.

Retailers interested in participating can sign up on the website, scroll towards the bottom of the homepage where there is a signup form.


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