May 12, 2023
P. Graham Dunn launches Switcheroos line

P. Graham Dunn, a manufacturer of handcrafted home décor and gifts, launched a new line of Switcheroos, magnetic swappable décor, allowing customers to switch out decorative pieces seasonally.

Photo courtesy of P. Graham Dunn.
Switcheroos can be switched out seasonally. Photo courtesy of P. Graham Dunn.

Switcheroos are a magnetic system that allows users to easily and affordably swap seasonal designs on wall and tabletop décor. Pairing signage with interchangeable, topical discs creates a whole new way to decorate, according to P. Graham Dunn.

Each sign within this collection features a carved recess that perfectly fits the magnetic, swappable disc. Whether it’s swapping out a Christmas-themed disc for a spring-themed disc or switching up the design altogether, Switcheroos aim to make it simple to update the look of a home.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Switcheroos to our customers,” said Anthony Burdette, vice president of product development at P. Graham Dunn. “Our goal has always been to create inspirational and personalized home décor that speaks to our customers. Switcheroos takes that concept to the next level by giving customers the ability to easily update their décor seasonally or whenever they feel like it, and at an affordable price. It’s a win/win for stores as they will increase the initial sale, plus attract return traffic to purchase additional discs.”

Switcheroos are available in a variety of designs including inspirational messages, holiday themes and seasonal looks. Each piece is made from high-quality materials and is designed to last for years, according to the company.

Each Switcheroo is magnetic and can be easily removed and replaced. Switcheroos are now available for purchase on P. Graham Dunn’s wholesale website.

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