October 3, 2019
Christmasworld trends for 2020/2021

How can retailers impress their customers, if emotions, the experience and convenience are the main requirements when shopping? First and foremost, with new products and displays that reflect the current zeitgeist. The motto for the Christmasworld trends in 2020/21 is, appropriately, “family matters.” In a world that is becoming more complex, family, community and real human encounters are what matter. 

Enjoying things together, celebrating and sharing happy moments are becoming more important than ever as a counterpart to the digital world. They find their expression in three styles and color schemes: Green ritual, silken party and happy get-together. 

The trend show will take place from Jan. 24-28, 2020, in Frankfurt, Germany. It will offer visitors a selection of exhibitor products and the necessary trend know-how, by means of lectures and guided tours through the different style worlds displayed.

The Christmasworld trends are a source of inspiration and ordering aid for retailers, when it comes to the all-important question: which colors, materials and designs are coming, staying or going? What is new this time is that they will be presented to retailers in a more eye-catching and user-friendly way. “We’ll be presenting three style worlds and we’ll be interpreting each of them in two different ways. In addition to Christmas decorations, there’s a further variant — for example, for wedding, birthday, spring or autumn decorations — which is also clearly different in terms of the colors used”, Palmisano added. 

Three Style Trends

  • Green ritual: Inspired by natural vegetation, it is a simple, almost minimalist design scheme addresses the theme of consciously giving things up as a reaction to a long-standing culture of wastefulness. Green Ritual presents the calm colors of natural vegetation in two clearly distinct forms. In one half of the display, light and restrained shades, such as grey, taupe and sand, as well as a light fern green and reddish brown, dominate. 

Christmasworld Green Ritual

  • Silken party: Inspired by the most innovative fashion creations and created with precision laser technology, the designs for this style world are characterized by soft, organic and cloudy shapes. Unusual blossoms and petals provide a strong source of inspiration.

Christmasworld Silken Party

  • Happy get-together: Inspired by the new urban way of life, with a focus on recycling, this urban style is all about making metropolises more liveable. Fresh, appetizing and milky shades are a reminder of freshly-pressed lemons, limes and mint lemonade, as well as grain and straw. The warm color spectrum is dominated by a vibrant orange wax color and more muted recycled colors, such as bottle green, and mélanges, speckled effects and color mixes made by composite processes.

Christmasworld Happy Get-together

Guidance and Media Tour

  • Designers Claudia Herke, Cem Bora and Annetta Palmisano, from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, derive their trends for Christmasworld from current trends in fashion, society and interior design.
  • All the products used will be labelled with the name of the exhibitor and the stand number so the trend area will provide a concrete ordering aid and a helpful guide for a modern and profitable product range and display.
  • To complement this, trend lectures will convey more information about current trends in fashion and product design. Lectures will take place daily from Jan. 24-27, 2020, 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Jan. 28 at 12 p.m.

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