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December 13, 2021 • Debbie Eisele
Salt + Water Company

Salt + Water Company's bath and body products

This retailer offers its own organic bath and body creations.

Salt + Water Company was founded on a mission to offer products “that people could trust.” Parris Hickman, owner, launched this online business in October. Hickman explained that the business not only is a retailer but is also a maker, she creates its own bath and body organic products.

The gift merchandise is “thoughtfully curated to provide a sense of luxury and self-care while providing health benefits,” explained Hickman.

Salt + Water Company was so that Hickman could “express myself creatively while staying true to my vitalistic values. As a Doctor of Chiropractic student, I have been immersed in a wealth of knowledge about the body and how to achieve true health.” 

Salt + Water Company's bath and body products

Hickman recognizes the importance of skin and the damage daily life can inflict on the largest organ in the body and this is how the bath salt creation began. “I am a huge bath lover. I hand-make all of my products and thoughtfully craft each blend to not only look good but actually, be good for you,” Hickman shared.

Salt + Water Company’s most requested item right now is its Milk and Lavender, a bath soak blend that features dehydrated coconut milk and french green clay, Hickman noted. “Our individual bath soaks come in corked glass tubes, which are great for gifts. All of our salts and essential oils are sourced from organic and pure ingredient suppliers. Right now I use Bulk Apothecary,” she described. The company plans to add to its offerings and is developing Himalayan salt rock deodorant bars, sourced from the Himalayan Salt Company.

Hickman’s tips to other retailers: “Staying true to your mission and creating products that people can feel good about buying will never do you wrong.”

For more information on Salt + Water’s wholesale and corporate gifting options, email [email protected].

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