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December 12, 2021 • Debbie Eisele
Period Six Studio

Table display at Period Six Studio

Flexibility has been the key to this owner’s success.

Period Six Studio is a mother-daughter owned business that specializes in local and American-made merchandise. This artisan store is the result of their shared love for shopping together. Kiley Handy, owner of Period Six Studio, reached out to Stationery Trends to share her story.

Dog cards at Period Six Studio.
Dog cards are popular at Period Six Studio.

Curated Offerings

“We’re suckers for color — and colorful expressions — and great stories. We stock what makes us feel,” Handy said. The result of Handy’s efforts is a curated collection of offerings gathered during her and her daughter’s travels. 

Fall merchandise display at Period Six Studio
This fall display captures the unique offerings this retailer has curated.

With one brick-and-mortar location and two employees, Period Six Studio currently focuses on flexibility. Handy explained that the store was open but with limited capacity.

Candy display at Period Six Studio
Candy display at Period Six Studio

Last Year’s Challenges

Lessons learned from the experiences of the 2020 holiday selling season have impacted the owners’ for 2021. “We’ve learned to be flexible this year, both in our buying and selling. We’ve had to tailor our in store availability to fit regulations and keep our family safe. But even with changing hours, our supporters have blown us away with how intentional their shopping is this season,” she detailed. 

Holiday Mailer at Period Six Studio

Customers paid close attention to what resonated with them and adapted by shopping online and using pickup locations. “It’s humbling to make it on their lists of businesses they want to see make it through this,” Handy said.

Gift cards at Period Six Studio
Gift card offerings are popular with customers.

Last holiday season, product availability was a challenge, but that didn’t prevent them from selling. Period Six Studio noted that boxed Christmas cards were the most requested inventory during the busy shopping season. “This past holiday season was the first the store didn’t offer bundled gift-giving options,” she shared. Also, Period Six Studio collaborated with other local businesses by offering livestream events, and even launched marketing campaigns that included social media promotions. 

Period Six StudioRetail Tips

Handy offered some advice to other retailers: “Stay true to your sense of self, and find your people. Be flexible and try to focus your attention on what you can do versus the elements you have no control over.”


Pink Santa display at Period Six Studio
Pink Santa display

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