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June 16, 2020 •
Making a Difference

CARDTHARTIC: a true partner to retailers

{Sponsored} Back in April, when the whole nation was sheltering in place, a consumer placed an $822 order for cards, art prints and magnets at cardthartic.com. At checkout, she was asked to name the store where she normally purchased Cardthartic and, because she designated Browseabout Books in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, the company posted a $411 credit to Browseabout’s account.

Cardthartic_Difference you Make card

“It makes me happy to know that you’ll be giving half this income to Browseabout,” the customer commented on the order. “It’s such a great independent book and gift store; I’ve literally spent hours at a time there. And, as always,” she added, “thank you for providing us with words and ways to put positivity and caring into our fragile world. While you couldn’t have envisioned circumstances like this, I have to believe that Cardthartic was built for this moment!”

According to Browseabout’s manager Noemy Tudos, “Cardthartic is really versatile and meets important needs. Especially when customers aren’t sure what they’re looking for,” she said, “I send them to Cardthartic!” The 15,000-square-foot store has three of the company’s branded 96-pocket card fixtures and a magnet display, their crowns all proclaiming in an understated way, “Made in the USA using Soy Ink on Recycled Paper.”

Cardthartic_Sympathy cards

Splitting its online income is just one example of how Cardthartic looks out for the stores that carry its lines. The company zip-code protects, ensuring that no competing retailer will carry the same products. A Guaranteed Trial program offers tentative buyers a no-risk way to test how well the cards will sell for the store: 24 pockets are filled with half-dozens for 90 days. At that point, sales will have either exceeded expectations and the store will want to bring in a full fixture, or pay only for what has sold.

Cardthartic provides its spinners at no charge and, knowing retail space is always at a premium, designed them to have the industry’s smallest footprint. As the company’s reps service the racks, they actively pull cards that are not selling as well as expected and give the store credit toward better-selling replacements. And, more than ever, the company is working with its retailers on payment terms.

Cardthartic_Hummingbirds card

During the shutdown, Books & Co. in Hampden, Connecticut, actively sent its customers to cardthartic.com and, to support their favorite store, fans spent $616. With its account credit, Books & Co. restocked and added a magnet fixture for reopening.

“We know our customers well,” said Books & Co. owner Linda Mooser, “We are part of their lives. We’ve held everything from weddings to memorial services here. And those customers LOVE Cardthartic — our most consistently loved line, year after year — often buying a stockpile of them.”

“They appreciate the line’s simple, thoughtful expressions paired with the engaging art and images,” Mooser said. “Our sympathy selection is considered top-of-the-line. Customers also love the birthday and humor. And CATS,” she laughs. “Our customers love cats!”

Saying a Lot with a Little

Cardthartic is perhaps best known for packing so much meaning into so few words. Especially with challenging categories like condolence and grief support, “Cardthartic provides the words when words are hardest to come by,” described Megan Stockton, owner of the successful shop Gifted in Lake Forest, Illinois.

Megan Stockton photo“The cards are personal without being cheesy,” Stockton said. “Reading these cards is like hearing a dear friend talking to you.”

The company’s 700 message-driven designs have long been featured on cards, boxed notes and magnets. In January 2020, the company introduced art prints and minicards.

“I started carrying Cardthartic six years ago,” Stockton said. “As soon as I saw how well the cards were doing, I added magnets and boxed notes. Now my customers love Cardthartic so, naturally, we’ve added art prints and minicards.

“We have wonderfully loyal customers,” said Stockton, ”and we love hearing them say, ‘That’s because you have the Best!’”

Cartdthartic Logo

To apply to become a Cardthartic Retail Partner, go to cardthartic.com or call 800.814.8145.



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