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January 5, 2021 •
Designer to Watch in 2021: Jodee Stevens

Jodee Stevens, founder of Cardthartic

Jodee Stevens from Cardthartic, has shown herself as a stationery star and is one of Stationery Trends’ 10 Designers to Watch in 2021.

Aesthetic of the line?

Understated and elegant, Cardthartic loves being known for “Saying a lot with a little.” Not a day goes by that we don’t hear “Your cards say just what I would if I could.”

Cardthartic logo

Current Bestseller?

You know a card fills an important need when it still tops 700 designs after 15 years on the market. The full message reads, “When you’ve loved someone your whole life, their love surrounds you still.” A fan sent it to us saying, “I’ve recently lost my wonderful husband of 60 years. I’m sharing my feelings with you here because it might comfort others if you were to print them on a card.”

Current Best-Seller from Cardthartic

Personal Favorite?

I Miss Your Face. I’ve sent scores of this all-too-relevant card. And fun fact: The design took our Pretty Words artist Natalie Avalos and me just a couple of hours from concept to final art, that’s how ready to come into the world this card was.

I Miss Your Face Card from Cardthartic

Surprise Hit?

All in the Shoes. This Little Reminders card shot straight to the top 15 years ago and, like a favorite pair, still fits just right.

It's All in the Shoes Card from Cardthartic

Iconic Selection?

RBG. A month before the world lost Justice Ginsberg, we released this as part of our Meanings of Life line. With 100+ cultural icons featured in the line, RBG is truly an icon among icons.

RBG Card from Cardthartic


Favorite Color?

Periwinkle. I love how it looks and, as a writer, love how it sounds!

Cardthartic's Jodee Stevens has favorite color swatch

Current Design Obsession?

We’ll forever be consumed with “honoring emotions.” Providing the words when they’re hardest to come by, that’s Cardthartic.

Favorite Flower?

The gorgeous anemone, for they keep growing even after they’re cut.

Jodee Stevens, founder of Cardthartic
Jodee Stevens, founder of Cardthartic

Favorite Indulgence?

To start a good book at the shore Friday evening, and finish it there with my dog on my lap as the sun goes down Sunday. Heaven on earth for me.

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