July 27, 2020
SJT donates $8,900 to Feeding America

SJT Enterprises, a 35-year consumer products company, came out with COVID-19 Support car magnets in April with the plan that a portion of the sales would be donated to Feeding America, the non-profit that distributes funds to food banks across the country.

“Back in April, I was wondering how we could help in the fight against Covid-19”, explained Tim Smith, president for SJT. “Then it hit me – COVID relief car magnets, where a portion of the sales goes to a non-profit to help during this difficult time,” continued Smith.

The car magnets are oval shaped and measure 4″ x 6″ in size. A variety of different sayings are available as is wholesale pricing.

“It’s not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I think it helped thousands of people put food on the table. Up through the end of June, we were able to send Feeding America checks totaling $8,900.”

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